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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Nintendo Switch Review

There’s not much we can say about the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt that hasn’t already been said many times before. Where it may not be for everyone, the Witcher 3 set a new standard for open world games when it was originally released. It was also a huge critical and commercial success.

The game depicts a very grown up version of a fantasy world where choices have consequences. Trying to consistently do the right thing in the Witcher 3 often results in the best of us receiving egg on our face. The game is filled with so many moral grey areas that it’s always worth playing through a second time to see what would have changed if we had acted differently.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is the latest classic to receive a port to the Nintendo Switch. The topic of ports on the Switch was something we discussed on this site in more detail some time ago. Initially, as with all Nintendo Switch ports we were worried that such a high caliber game may not stack up too well on the Switch’s slightly limited hardware. As successful and versatile as the console is in blending portable and home console gaming, surely there’s a point at which it buckles under the weight of a game that’s too high-end to run? But once again, Nintendo’s little powerhouse has pleasantly surprised us.

Credit also needs to be given to CD Projekt Red the games developers, who could have easily created a lazy and toned down port. Instead they have created a version of The Witcher 3 that feels right at home on the Switch. Granted, the game is a little less visually impressive than it’s Xbox One and PS4 counterparts. If you’re used to playing the Witcher 3 in glorious 4K on a high-spec gaming PC you’re also unlikely to be that impressed.

If however, you’re looking to explore this game world while tucked up in bed, on holiday or during your commute then you’re in luck. That is exactly who this is for. If your intention is to play the game fully through your TV then in truth, you should probably buy it on PS4 or Xbox One. It will be cheaper and look crisper too.

The main draw of the Witcher 3 on Nintendo Switch is its portability. If you’re new to this series and fancy having one of the greatest open world games ever made carried around in your pocket; then this is the version for you. If you’re already a fan and feel like a second play through, while on the go, is the only way you’re going to have time to do it all again then look no further.

This is a bottomless RPG experience that every open world fan needs to sample at some point. Providing you’re mature enough to deal with morally questionable choices that is.

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