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5 First Person Games To Creep You Out Over Halloween

5 First Person Games To Creep You Out Over Halloween

Horror games have had such an exciting renascence over the past fear years. With Halloween around the corner, lots of gamer see it as an excuse to stay up late, turn off the lights and fire up a scary game. Being terrorised by a videogame can be incredible fun, but many gamers are desensitised to horror these days. It takes something truly horrific to now get under our skin.

We are confident the below 5 can achieve exactly that. We also focused on first person only horror games. Not just because some of the scariest games of recent memory just so happen to be first person, but because some can be played in VR, bringing the terror close up and personal.

So, as Halloween approaches and you haven’t yet experienced any of the below, now is the time. If you’re brave enough.


Set in a creepy underwater lab this is a game that relies on slow burning tension that steadily builds until boiling point. The game looks like Bioshock on first glance but is very different stylistically and thematically. Piecing together what’s gone on here, how you fit in to it all eventually leads to some pretty grim ideas. Where you can get chased by some nasty monsters throughout Soma that’s not where the real horror lies. This comes instead from the games poignant and thought-provoking questions about what it means to be human. And worse; at what point does being human stop? It can really get under your skin long after the credits role.

Alien Isolation

Another sci-fi horror, Alien Isolation is the most faithful videogame adaptation of Ridley Scott’s vison we’ve ever had. This is not Colonial Marines; this is not a game where you run around shooting Aliens. No this is a game where a single Alien stalks you. A game where you quiver in fear behind a desk, while you pray the creature leaves the room so you can put as much distance between you and it as possible, before running to a save point. Hoping it won’t hear your footsteps as you creep away. Where there are things to shoot such as other human enemies and killer andoids, firing your gun can attract the beast’s attention and your guns are no good if this happens. You can only hide. In space nobody can hear you scream, but your neighbours might.

Resident Evil 7

It’s back to basics for Resident Evil’s 7th chapter. Set some time after the big budget Hollywood style craziness that was RE6, RE7 puts you in the shoes of a man trying to find his previously thought deceased wife. This leads him to the backwoods of Louisiana, inside an old run-down plantation house owned by a creepy family and, you guessed it, into a viral outbreak. Where the games connections to earlier entries are a mystery at first, they are gradually revealed as the game progresses from the fresh eyes of its new protagonist. The family are infected with a new strain of the virus and will hunt you relentlessly, as will their now undead victims who roam the basement and elsewhere. Ammo is scarce and sometimes, like the Resident Evil games of old, the best solution is to just run away and hope they lose track of you. This was a fantastic return to form for Resident Evil. Making the series scary again and possibly scarier than it’s ever been before.

Outlast (2)

Outlast and it’s equally bone chilling sequel are both essentially playable shaky cam horror films. Think Blair Witch, REC, etc. The first game is set in a mental health hospital where the lunatics really have taken over. You play a journalist caught up in the madness, with only his camcorder for protection as you’re stalked by 100 murderous maniacs. Uncover the mystery but most of all survive. By running away. A lot. The sequel is similar, but this time is set in a town amongst the corn fields, where a scythe wielding religious cult as developed a liking to brutally murdering interlopers. You’re just the latest, better hope the batteries on that night vision camera don’t run out…

Amnesia: The Dark Descent (2)

Amnesia is considered the scariest videogame ever made by a lot of games and critics. It’s sequel ‘A Machine For Pigs’ is excellent, but the original really does take the horror cake. Made by the same team who made Soma, the game takes place during a stormy night in a castle. Your character wakes up with no memory of how he got there (hence the games title). He must reach the inner sanctum to discover why he’s there, and more importantly who he is. Here’s the problem though, he’s being stalked by humanoid creatures on every floor of the castle who will kill on sight. Worse, looking at them causes so much terror that it can negatively impact the characters sanity. Meaning avoiding these monsters is the only hope for survival. It’s truly, truly horrific in ways we can’t even explain and certainly not for the faint of heart. But as far as playable horror goes, it’s utterly superb and essential.

Sweet dreams!

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