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Diablo 4 Announcement Looks Increasingly Likely

Last week we reported that Diablo 4’s title had cropped up in an art book also featuring sketchings from earlier games in the series. It was considered legitimate at the time and further leaks have also now emerged.

Another listing for the art book, this time depicting the character Lilith, has leaked. See it here on Twitter. Lilith is an important figure in Diablo lore as seasoned fans will already know. It will be fun to see what part she plays in the story. Or horrific, let’s wait and see.

With Overwatch 2 also expected to make an appearance, it seems BlizzCon this year will be stacked. Perhaps Blizzard are keen to avoid the trouble from last year or wish to distract from the recent difficulties the company has faced. Or maybe, the time is right regardless of these events.

It will also be interesting to see what platforms Diablo 4 ends up on. Naturally PC will be top of the list, but console gamers are important to Blizzard, now more than ever. It seems likely to exist on current gen, but as it’s probably coming late in the PS4 and Xbox One’s life cycle, could it make an appearance on he PS5 and Project Scarlett?

We’re also huge fans of Diablo 3 on the Nintendo Switch but we’re not getting our hopes up for Diablo 4 on Nintendo’s little beast. If the rumours are to be believed, a Diablo Immortal release date is also forthcoming this week. And a Diablo 2 remake has also been touted as a real possibility. Now these are things that could indeed appear on the Switch.

BlizzCon takes place later this week and lasts for two days; starting Friday the 1st November and ending Saturday the 3rd.

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