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Overwatch 2 Will Finally Make The Most Of In-Game Story


Overwatch 2 was revealed over the weekend at BlizzCon 2019, and was easily the highlight of the whole event for many attendees and viewers alike. While a new cinematic, demonstrating an evolved story, was very nice, it’s the gameplay that hooked me most. It got me thinking about how Overwatch 2 is going to completely change the way story is portrayed in the universe. Check out the gameplay trailer below, and read on for more details.

Aside from the changes to the way each character looks, we can see that story is a much larger focus here. You can argue that the first game had story, but really it all came through cinematics or in-game events, none of which did a great job of bringing the story to the forefront whilst actually playing the game. Yes, the characters in Overwatch all had their own individual allegiances, and some were definitely allies, whilst others were obviously enemies, and at times nemeses. But while you played each match, these relationships were left by the wayside, with enemies fighting alongside each other.

Not as Intended


Whatever you believe, you have to accept that Overwatch wasn’t originally meant to be a competitive shooter, at least not in the state that it released. Blizzard Entertainment designed the characters, and it seems as though they had a plan for a completely different game. For whatever reason the characters and the way they interact were used to create Overwatch, a competitive shooter that took the world by storm. There’s no arguing with the game’s popularity, but it still felt strange having all these characters that seemed to have backstories, all of which felt as though it was left out of the final release.



As time went on, and Blizzard released more heroes whilst also beginning to understand what their new game was to players, story became more of a focus. Animated cinematics and lore were all released for players to pour over, and they helped build a cohesive universe that gave reasons and motivations to the characters in the game. Suddenly players were learning about what a hero’s childhood was like, or their sexual orientation, all of which built them up to be so much more than a skin and a set of skills to be used in one of Overwatch’s game modes.

New Game Modes


Overwatch 2 brings story missions, hero missions, and RPG elements into the mix. These will bring story to the front of the game, outside of the most popular mode which will almost certainly remain PVP. Finally players will be able to explore some of the most pivotal battles and events in the Overwatch universe, from invasions in cities around the world, to heroic co-op adventures that see two heroes fight against all odds to save the day.

For me, this is what has been missing from Overwatch for the last 3 years. The PVP is great fun, and totally engrossing if you allow it to take over, but I’ve always been a sucker for story. To have so little in Overwatch for so long was a an opportunity I always thought that Blizzard missed out on, which is why I’m glad to see story take more of a central role in the sequel.

Let us know if you’re excited for the story in Overwatch 2 in the comments.

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