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Should BioWare Make Mass Effect 4 Or Another Andromeda?

Today is N7 Day, the day that the Mass Effect community gets together to celebrate everything about the Mass Effect series. The games are incredible, and well worth anyone’s time if they haven’t already delved into the epic space operas. But EA and BioWare have yet to announce a new game in the series. We know that Dragon Age 4 is in the works, and Anthem is doing its own thing, so why don’t we have a new Mass Effect game already?

BioWare Should Make Mass Effect 4

Mass Effect Andromeda was an enjoyable game, but really it felt a little disconnected from the original trilogy. Of course, that was part of the game’s design, but it really did lack the same impact for series fans. That’s why BioWare should make Mass Effect 4, another game in the same timeline as the original Mass Effect trilogy. Of course, this could be a bit tricky, given that BioWare made a mess of the ending of Mass Effect 3, so no one really knows what’s happening.

The best way that I can think of BioWare making a new game in the Mass Effect Trilogy’s timeline is to make either a prequel, or a new game with a different character. A prequel could tell one of the origin stories that players choose in the first Mass Effect game, but I think it would be better if it told a completely different origin story, one that Shepherd has been hiding from everyone. This would work with the player’s choice of backstories, because that’s the story Shepherd is choosing to tell people, rather than the story that did come before.

Alternatively, a new character could take centre stage in Mass Effect 4. This character, in my eyes, would be best as a soldier who was inspired by Shepherd’s actions. This keeps the lore of the first three games close to the story, but it also allows BioWare to explore some new territory that they may not be able to by bringing Shepherd back. Personally I’d prefer this scenario to the prequel, because it keeps the timeline moving forward, and that’s something that I see as very important for the series.

BioWare Should Make a New Spin-Off Mass Effect

Mass Effect Andromeda was brilliant and flawed for a number of reasons. I think that BioWare should leave it as it is, and make a new spin-off in the universe. If they aren’t going to make Mass Effect 4, this is the next logical step that the series should take, because I don’t think anyone wants a sequel to Andromeda.

Where a new spin-off could go, there’s no limit. The universe is quite literally open to any possibilities that BioWare can think up for a new game, and they could be light or dark. I think a spin-off that sees players head to the very edge of the universe somehow would be great, maybe to take on a hyper-advanced race that’s only just been born as the universe expands. Alternatively, heading to the centre of the universe in order to find some of the oldest civilisations could open up players to a whole host of crazy races.

The most important thing for a spin-off to do is to differentiate itself from the main storyline, and really make a name for itself with something special. BioWare has the opportunity to push the boat out massively with a spin-off, and we as fans should let them if that’s the direction they want to go in.

I think it’s unlikely that we’ll hear about a new Mass Effect game today, but if we do I hope it’s a spin-off.

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