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If You Enjoyed The Metal Gear Games, Then You’ll Probably Like Death Stranding


In a recent article on VGC, it was observed how about half the staff at Kojima Productions are actually people who defected from Konami to work with Hideo Kojima. In fact, about half the staff who worked on Death Stranding worked on the Metal Gear Solid franchise, which I think speaks volumes about the team’s latest title.

Do Developers Make The Game?


Of course I realise that developers do literally make a game, but what I’m talking about with this question is whether or not they make the feel of the game. The Metal Gear Solid games were all similar, but very different at the same time. Metal Gear Solid 3 for example, was a game that saw you camouflaging yourself in order to avoid detection, actively participating in your stealth and survival, but all of that became automated in Metal Gear Solid 4. In the fourth game you instead had a tighter focus on stealth and open areas, giving you more freedom to play with what’s around you because that AI was vastly superior.

The feel of each game however, was exactly the same. For me it was like putting on a cozy jumper, familiar, warm, and versatile. A jumper can be worn with most things, at least in England where we’re all slowly freezing to death, and Metal Gear Solid games can be played at any time. Even if you’ve completed them ten or more times, there’s nothing like jumping back into your favourite Metal Gear Solid game and reliving every moment.

Death Stranding has been built from the ground up by the same people who made these experiences. I’ve not finished it myself, but I think it’ll be a game that I come back to again and again, just to play through and relive a few specific moments. There are secrets and optional activities that will be some of the most memorable moments of the game for me and others, but some of you may not even discover them for five years.


The reviews for the game are as varied as you can get. Edge magazine won’t even publish one, because they couldn’t bring themselves to finish the game. On the other hand, the game has seen a number of perfect scores, as well as a slew of eights and nines, so they really provide no gauge on whether it’s a good game or not. In fact, each review is probably a more accurate representation of how the reviewer feels about Death Stranding, rather than an overview of how well people in general will enjoy it. I’ve not seen a single review that hasn’t been tainted by the reviewer’s personal feelings, but that’s okay because it’s just what Death Stranding is.

However, I think that the title of this article sums up pretty well how you can check if you’ll enjoy Death Stranding or not. I’ve enjoyed every Metal Gear Solid game, so I think I’m going to enjoy all of Death Stranding. If you don’t think the logic works, then look at your favourite movies, and check how many of them were made by the same director or producer. Creators bleed into their games, and with Death Stranding, that means that some of that same personality you know and love from years of stealth espionage action is here in a brand new game.

Let me know if you’re playing Death Stranding in the comments.

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