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4 Easy Ways to Enjoy Free Gaming Fun on Your Mobile

Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming on smartphones and tablets is bigger than ever, with research from Newzoo and Activision Blizzard Media suggesting that an estimated 2.4 billion people across the world will play such titles in 2019 alone. So many different experiences are now available, so whatever your interests or level of experience, here are some ideas on how you can have some fun for little to no cost.

Get a welcome bonus

If you’ve been partial to visiting casinos in the past, you might want to venture into the world of iGaming. Or perhaps you’re totally new to the gambling scene and would prefer to dabble for the first time from behind your smartphone screen. Knowing where to begin is always difficult, but there are sites that offer detailed reviews of online casinos including the range of different types of games each one hosts and – perhaps most interestingly – the selection of welcome bonuses available for new players. These might include free spins on slot games or bonuses for depositing a certain amount. Added to that, such sites usually check out payment options and the security available on those sites, to help you choose only the most secure options.

Go free-to-play

If you are totally new to the world of mobile gaming, you may not realize that many titles are actually available to play for no initial charge. This concept is known as free-to-play and means that you can access the basic elements of a game for no fee, although you may then be encouraged to spend some money within it further down the line – these are known as microtransactions. While that may be the case, at least you can sample some games for free and determine which could be a good fit for you before splashing the cash.

Play Instant Games

Another easy, free way to enjoy some gaming is via Facebook. The social media giant recently moved its Instant Games out of the Messenger app and into the Gaming tab of the main app, but they are all still there for everyone to enjoy. Furthermore, whether you opt for Uno, Words with Friends or another title, you also have the option of challenging your Facebook friends to a game too – in true Facebook style, it’s a social approach to mobile gaming.

Get started today

Mobile gaming has changed a huge amount in just the last decade or so, and there is a seemingly endless array of experiences available at the simple touch of a button. However, it is pretty exciting that so many can be accessed for little to no charge.

Our phones and tablets play such an important role in our lives these days. Many of us rely on them in so many ways, from accessing vital work emails to managing our schedule and calendar. However, while they are undoubtedly vital tools, it is easy to forget they can offer a whole load of fun too. So why not pick up your mobile and have a go at some of the suggestions we have made, to see how you ultimately get along? We’re sure you won’t regret it.

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