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5 Things Anthem Next Needs To Deliver

You may or may not have heard that Kotaku has been speaking to some sources close to BioWare about an apparent update that is going to completely overhaul Anthem. I think this overhaul, dubbed Anthem Next, is a great idea, but there are a few things it needs to be a complete overhaul expansion in my eyes.

Another Javelin


Right now there are four Javelins in Anthem. The Storm is the mage class, showering damage down from above, and generally turning the battlefield into a mess of elements. The Ranger is the knight class, a good all-rounder that’s easy to get to grips with, but hard to master. The Interceptor is the rogue, quick and lethal up close, but with little armour. Finally, the Colossus is the tank class, the one that can take a beating, but dole it out in kind as well.

What we need is a brand new class, something that’s different from all of these. Personally I’d love to see a sort of necromancer Javelin, one that raises dead soldiers on the battlefield to fight alongside you. Of course this would require a new enemy faction, and a lot of lore, but if anyone can manage that, it’s BioWare.

A More Streamlined Experience


Anthem has some great moments, and the gameplay is phenomenal, particularly when out and about flying around Bastion. However, the great moments are ruined by the poor system that requires players to return to the hub world between each mission, something that can take up to twenty minutes.

Anthem Next needs to be more streamlined, like Destiny 2. If players could spend a long time out in the world, completing missions and side quests,  dealing with all of the dropped items and interim conversations once they’re done, Anthem would be a far better game.

Better Loot


The loot system in Anthem is something that the community is very loudly complaining about around 90 percent of the time. For me, the loot is simply not imaginative enough, with the exception of the items from the Cataclysm. Season of Skulls has also brought some slightly better loot, but it’s not enough. Anthem Next should have crazier weapons, ones that suit the world like those found in the Cataclysm, and it needs them in boatloads.

Meaningful Ongoing Content Stream


BioWare has had to deal with a lot over the course of 2019 in Anthem. They’ve been pulled back into working on fixes that they didn’t anticipate, so the ongoing content for the game hasn’t really arrived until now, with Season of Skulls and the upcoming Icetide. In Anthem Next we need more meaningful ongoing content like these seasons, and it needs to be as regular as the seasons in Destiny 2, bringing lore, story, and more awesome content with it.

A Reworked World


Currently the world of Bastion is a huge open area that players can fly around at their leisure. It’s great, but it’s not enough for the amount of time you spend in Anthem. Anthem Next needs to rework the world, split it up into different areas that are larger in of themselves, much like the patrol zones of Destiny 2. This will make flying around Bastion far more interesting, and to a larger degree, more important for the game’s lore and story.

Ultimately Anthem Next is only going to be a good thing for Anthem, but it must be done well. BioWare has had a tough year, and now they’re working on a new Dragon Age game, which they’re revealing something for next month. I hope that this big update will completely change Anthem for the better, and make it a game that isn’t instantly met with hateful comments everywhere, a game that people are proud to play.

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