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The Mastermind In Resident Evil: Project Resistance Is A Douche

A recent video from Gamespot has revealed a few minutes of gameplay from the point of view of the Mastermind player in Resident Evil: Project Resistance. The game is an asymmetrical horror title spin-off from the series in the same vein as Dead by Daylight, with four survivors facing off against one killer. In this case, the killer is the Mastermind, and this new gameplay revealed that they can be a huge douche to the team of survivors.

Bird’s Eye View


The first really important thing to note about the Mastermind player is that they can view a map of the area, with the positions of survivors marked and tracked on it. This means that they can prep traps and enemies for rooms that the survivors haven’t even entered yet, lulling them into a false sense of security.

When it comes to watching the survivors though, the Mastermind has to rely on cameras around the area to give them a clue about what’s going on. In this way it’s possible for the Mastermind to carefully place traps such as mines, and trigger enemy spawns as well. In this gameplay we actually see the Mastermind player activating a mine they’ve previously placed, which prevents the survivor from even having a chance at disarming it before walking over it.



The Mastermind player has a plethora of weapons at their disposal, which makes sense since each match is supposed to be set in an Umbrella facility. Cameras can be enhanced with machine guns, which let the Mastermind player take pot shots at survivors when they don’t expect it. In the gameplay video we see the Mastermind player pin the survivors in one room, preventing them from entering the next because of machine gun fire. Whilst the survivors wait to see what comes next, the Mastermind player takes the opportunity to lock the next door, which will slow the survivors down as they try to progress.



Survivors can take out the cameras that Mastermind players use to watch them, which is a pretty big advantage to them. These cameras can be repaired by the Mastermind, but it will cost them valuable points that could be used to generate traps or enemies. In the gameplay we see how it’s possible for Mastermind players to directly control a zombie, as long as they place it well and it doesn’t get killed as it spawns. This gives the Mastermind an advantage, because they can sneak up on unsuspecting survivors and down them quickly.

Enemies in Resident Evil: Project Resistance are easy to manage as long as survivors spot them, but an enemy that isn’t taken down fast can pose a real threat. The zombie the Mastermind player controls takes down a survivor in just a couple of attacks, and getting that survivor on their feet presumably requires a health item that is limited.

Final Stand


The final moments of the match in the gameplay shows how the Mastermind player placed down a Mr X, a huge Tyrant enemy, and proceeds to almost entirely destroy the survivor team. This is a big enemy that packs real damage, and unlike the zombies it requires a lot of hits to take down. In this final area it looks as though there’s a short puzzle required to unlock and escape, and Mr X is the Mastermind player’s last ditch effort to stop them. The only reason the team in the gameplay fail is because the timer runs out, but it looks like they could have taken down Mr X and finished the puzzle if they’d had more time.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on Resident Evil: Project Resistance as things develop, but for now check out this gameplay here.

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