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What Could Hideo Kojima’s Next Horror Game Be?


Hideo Kojima revealed over the weekend that he’s returning to making a horror game, at least that’s what it sounds like. The iconic game creator shared that he’s actually watching horror movies with an eye for returning to making a horror game. Considering the horror Kojima went through with PT, the concept getting cancelled and the developer mysteriously being let go from Konami, it’s no wonder he took so long to return.

Upon reading this I was immediately brought back to my time playing PT, though it was more cowering than playing. I wouldn’t say that PT was a pleasant experience, but it was one that I think every player relished while the demo was available.

Of course some people still have the demo, lucky buggers.

Anyway, all this got me thinking about what Kojima’s new horror game could be, and I came up with two distinct, though wholly unimaginative, categories.

A game like PT


You can probably tell where I’m going with this. Part of me thinks that Kojima will lean on what he originally created with PT, a dark experience that told a truly nightmarish tale about the protagonist through the environment and very little else.

PT was a masterpiece of horror for a number of reasons, but all of them boil down to the fact that the player has no idea what is going on. Each time you walk through that door and loop back to the beginning of the hallway, you feel as though something is wrong, and it’s a feeling I’ve not had in any other horror game. Lisa herself is also a brutal adversary, stalking you around every turn, creating those spooky shadows you always see in front of you.

I could see Kojima coming back to create a first person horror game, particularly because of the surge in popularity they’ve seen. I think he could build an entirely new series that rekindles what Silent Hill lost, that concept of everything in the game being a message about the protagonist’s past. The first three Silent Hill games had enemies and events that were direct results of the protagonist’s guilt or actions, but after that they just lost it.

Kojima can create characters, ones we’re invested in, and he can create worlds too. I don’t see why he couldn’t make something that’s basically PT, just better.

A game that’s nothing like PT


Bet you didn’t see this being the second category!

Of course Kojima is a master of making worlds, we saw that with Death Stranding, but now he’s got to do it all again. There are loads of unique horror games out there, such as Song of Horror, that introduce new mechanics and concepts to tired old settings of genres. However, we need something like Death Stranding for horror.

Kojima said he’d made a new genre with Death Stranding, and now he could do it again, just with a horror twist. I have no idea what form this could take, which is part of the beauty of a new Kojima IP, but I do know that I’d enjoy it, because I’ve enjoyed all his other games.

Really that’s all there is to say. Kojima could make something very close to PT, or he could go the other way, maybe even making a game without a protagonist at all. Whatever Kojima makes, I’m pretty much in, and I think the conceptual stage of creating a new horror game is probably the most exciting for him.

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