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SwarmZ Combines Base Building With Thousands Of Zombies


SwarmZ is an indie game that’s coming to PC on the 29th of November, and it looks to provide a nice twist on the zombie killing and survival loop you might be used to from other games in the genre. Whilst most zombie game seem to be split between forcing you to survive in a harsh world filled with zombies, and handing you guns to re-murder hordes of them, SwarmZ sits somewhere in the middle, and adds in base building mechanics and a similar feel to Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (TABS).

Literally all the zombies


Hundreds of zombies wasn’t enough for SwarmZ, so the game pits you against 100,000, does that sound like enough? I’m still a bit socked about how many zombies you have to defend yourself against in the game, but I think it adds to the element fo survival, which has been toned down a bit because of the more tactical view the player takes.

Instead of having to get in there and get dirty and covered in zombie guts themselves, players instead need to build some defences around their valuable target, a baby. Defences consist of walls that can be stacked strategically to allow for shooting windows, as well as a number of other items that will help keep the zombies at bay. The most important of these is the soldiers players can place down, though soldiers is a strong word for them.

Just like in the real zombie apocalypse, when it eventually happens, the soldiers are made up of people brandishing whatever items were nearest when they saw their first zombie, and people with weapons that they just shouldn’t be trusted with. Zombies can be shot at from a distance, or mauled to death with anything, from a fist or knife, to a guitar or the arm of your dead best friend.

The game has a great sense of humour, and nothing on-screen ever looks to harrowing. As I mentioned earlier, there’s a real feel of being inspired by TABS here, with players simply placing things down and hoping for the best. In some ways that is a totally unique take on the zombie apocalypse, because everything else in games is usually so planned, or geared towards a particular outcome. In SwarmZ we just have to put things down on the battlefield and wait to see how many zombies get taken out before the last of humanity is inevitably eaten alive.

I’m really looking forward to SwarmZ, and we’ll be posting a review of the game soon after it launches. Keep an eye out on the site for that, but in the meantime there’s a great trailer to keep you going.

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