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Weaving Tides Is An Incredibly Crafty Indie Game

If you’ve ever wanted a game that combines the art of knitting an extremely warm wooly jumper, or making some very nice wristwarmers, with your burning passion for playing games, then Weaving Tides is probably for you. This game is crafty, and not in the sneaky kind of way, but in the wholesome kind of way that makes you feel warm and cozy inside, but it’s so much more than just a digital version of knitting or crochet. Check out the trailer for the game below and read on for more details about it.

Unique Gameplay


I’ve not seen a game like Weaving Tides before. Players take on the role of a boy, Tass, and his dragon-like creature called a Weaver as they weave their way through the world, healing it as they go. As you can see from the trailer, there are large gaps in the fabric of the world, and by weaving up and down, as you’d do if you were sewing, players can close these gaps up. I think this is a really nice metaphor for how we should all behave in the world today, filling the gaps and healing our planet, but there’s a lot more to Weaving Tides than just this.

The enemies in Weaving Tides pose quite a large problem, since players can’t really do any damage to them. Instead, players have to stun enemies, and then weave around them in order to pin them to the ground, which defeats them. Larger enemies look to be tough to take down, requiring complex patterns, so I imagine there is some sort of system behind the intricate weaves we see in the trailer. There’s also a glimpse of a boss fight in the trailer, a trio of large enemies who are all linked. As with the smaller enemies, bosses are almost definitely going to be puzzles that players need to complete, and I don’t think that is going to be easy.



Weaving Tides is ripe for an emotional story that’s told through a combination of the world and the characters in it. Developers Follow the Feathers promise a charming tale from the rich characters, following Tass as he searches for his parents. In a world like that of Weaving Tides’ I dread to think what has happened to them, but it can’t be that bad if there are giant manta rays that let you ride on their back as they literally knit their way through the world.

Weaving Tides is set to launch in early 2020 for PC and Mac, which is a refreshing change. I highly recommend checking it out if you love beautiful indie games.

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