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6 Games From The PS1 Era That Need To Make A Comeback

Remakes and reboots in gaming are nothing new, but as we approach 2020 we’re living in a world of possibilities. Perhaps now more than ever. We’re living in a time when a remake of Resident Evil 3 and Final Fantasy 7 are about to become a reality. But there are so many other games and franchises that deserve to make a comeback. Maybe they’ve gone on hiatus or simply didn’t catch fire last time. Maybe today’s culture would benefit from their revival.

Whatever the case may be here are 6 games from the PS1 era that we would like to see again in some form, be it a remake, reboot or sequel.

Now remember this doesn’t mean we want to see less new IPs or that somehow this detracts from that. Wanting new IPs goes without saying. It keeps us in a job after all! We’re simply saying that as gamers we’d like to see these titles get another crack of the whip.


Samurai killing zombies? I’d be happy to play that any day of the week. After Sekiro, Nioh and other games set in a fantasy version of feudal Japan we think the world needs an Onimusha remake. Or a sequel, we’re not fussy. Capcom make the series and with their new Resident Evil engine a remake to Onimusha could be incredible. The game was always a mix between Samurai hack’n’slash and survival horror. There is absolutely a market for this in 2020. Capcom are becoming partial to remakes so come on guys!

The Legacy of Kane

This sprawling time travelling vampire soap opera was gone too soon. Nosgoth (and no not the MMO) is a world we’d love to see again on modern hardware. The complicated but charismatic anti-heroes like Kane and Raziel are also sorely missed. We’re not sure if a reboot, full remake or sequel would be best, but what we do know is there’s so much more this series can offer and paths it could take.

Nightmare Creatures

It’s criminal that this violent, barmy horror series didn’t continue. Neither the first game nor its sequel were particularly brilliant, but they were memorable and over time have developed a rabid cult following. A triple-A reboot pulling elements from both titles could be something special though, horror games are better than ever and may of them owe some of what they are to Nightmare Creatures.

Parasite Eve

This awesome but bat$h*t survival horror series hasn’t been seen since the PSP, to which it’s third title was the most recent entry. But the first two games on the PS1 were widely celebrated during their day. The monsters were buglike nasties that were tough to kill and often quite frightening. The Necromorphs in Dead Space reminded us of these creatures, so a remake placing an emphasis on body horror could be very effective. Square made each game and could easily resurrect it for a fourth night of terror. Survival horror is having a renaissance after all, and it feels incomplete without Parasite Eve.

Shadow Tower

You’ve never heard of this one have you?  That’s okay, we hadn’t before their developers hit the big time with a little game called Dark Souls. FROM SOFTWARE have a habit of making games that serve as a spiritual successor to the last game. It’s a fascinating chain where the strands of gaming DNA can be seen all the way back to the earliest entries. While we’re here let’s look at that chain in reverse:

Sekiro > Bloodborne > Dark Souls > Demon Souls > Kings Field > Shadow Tower

Yup, Shadow Tower was FS’s first foray into the gothic RPG genre and its influence lives on today. We think we should pay another visit.

Dino Crisis

We could do an entire article about this. In fact, we will. Watch this space. But until then we’ll keep it brief. We absolutely believe Dino Crisis is due a remake and we’re also confident it will happen sometime after Resident Evil 3 is remade. Like Onimusha Capcom are revisiting their classics and considering what else could benefit from the remake treatment. Like we talked about in another article, Capcom are running out of Resident Evil games to remake and will soon turn their attention to other similar IP.

Dino Crisis is the obvious one. Not only did the original game borrow heavily from Resident Evil, their new engine would be ideal for a remake. They’ve already got the pieces in place. The fan demand is also there and new fans who’ve only discovered the Resident Evil series recently will also be keen to see what else is on offer. Finally, we know from reports over the years that Capcom have considered bringing back Dino Crisis on several occasions.

Let’s make dinosaurs scary again!