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Project Scarlett Revealed At The Game Awards – Meet The Xbox X Series

Scarlett no more, now the road to next gen truly begins. At the end of the Game Awards, Microsoft unveiled their next generation Xbox, and successor to the Xbox One, called the Xbox Series X.

Previously codenamed Project Scarlett we now know exactly what the console looks like, many of its features and specs. We’re not massively keen on the name if we’re being honest. We also weren’t keen on the name Xbox One either, it was weird considering it was the third console. We’re a little bit worried that some people may just see the X Series as an Xbox One upgrade (like the Xbox One X) instead of a fully-fledged successor.

Anyway here’s what we know:

For starters the console is aiming to be fully backwards compatible with the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and original Xbox. This is rather cool and allows lifelong Xbox fans to enjoy all the games they’ve grown up with and perhaps take advantage of trade in options too. Microsoft, to their credit have taken great strides with the Xbox One to make sure the console is backwards compatible with the 360, so this step is expected and welcome.

The controller has seen some upgrades too, most noticeably a share button like the PS4 has. It’s also taken some inspiration from the Elite series too around the d-pad. We also understand that the controller will be backwards compatible and that other older Xbox peripherals will be too.

As for design the X Series is radically different from previous consoles and more closely resembles a PC tower. We’re not quite sure how this is going to fit on our various gaming shelves but I’m sure we’ll figure it out.

The first game to be revealed as an X Series exclusive is Hellblade 2, sequel to the excellent Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice by Ninja Theory. We’ll take that. Also Halo Infinite is also expected to be released on the console and frankly we’re not surprised.

So there you have it, Xbox Series X is coming and is set to compete with the PS5 which is also likely to be revealed at some point soon. Both are coming ‘Holiday 2020’, which in English means the end of November next year just in time for Christmas.

Oh here’s the reveal!