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Godfall Is Sony’s First Revealed PS5 Game

Sony have revealed their first PS5 game which is scheduled to be launched alongside the console this time next year. The game, developed by Gearbox, known for the awesome Borderlands games, has so far only shown off a cinematic trailer. Although the trailer claims that the footage is made from the ‘in-game engine’, so from a looks point of view we’re impressed. However until we’ve seen actual gameplay it’s hard to judge the quality of the visuals fully.

The story seems to centre on an order of knights working to stop a cataclysmic event in a high-fantasy/sci-fi universe. This doesn’t sound massively original but to be fair, we’ve not been given much to go on yet. Check out the trailer below:

Our fear with early gen games is their use as tech-demos instead of actual playable works of art. Killzone Shadowfall is a good example of this. It looked glorious when the PS4 released but was lacking in substance, and the fun that was to be had was meagre at best.

We’ve expressed concern before that it may be too early for next generation consoles on 2020, but the march of progress presses forward. So we aren’t going to get too excited yet, but we have every confidence in both Sony and Gearbox.

They’ve not let us down before. What the hell is a Colonial Marine?