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Why Toxtricity Is The Best Pokemon In Sword And Shield

If you think this article will consist of a writer fanboying over his new favourite Pokemon, then you’d be absolutely right. Toxtricity was undoubtedly the standout Pokemon of generation 8 and it captured my imagination like no other pocket monster during my first playthrough of Pokemon Shield. 

There are oh so many reasons why I feel the purple punk Pokemon is the best of the rest in this iteration so let’s swiftly begin…

The unexpected addition of Toxel 

Why Toxtricity is the best Pokemon in Sword and Shield Image 1

It’s always a nice surprise when an NPC hands you over a Pokemon at absolutely no cost. Gift Pokemon have existed since Gen 1 and have included some pretty great mons from time to time. Not including starter Pokemon, some examples include: Eevee, Lapras, Togepi, Dratini and Lucario. Some very impressive pokemon there but none have brought about more excitement than when I recently received Toxel from a Breeder in the Route 5 Pokemon Nursery.

I instantly fell in love with Toxel who you receive as a baby at just level 1. Baby is the right word because to me, Toxel looks like a infant version of Barney the Dinosaur with a nappy on. That nostalgia combined with the beautiful touches including: the bolt of electricity on the forehead, rosey white cheeks and the cutest two toed feet in existence, led to instant Pokemon infatuation. 

I had very high hopes for this Pokemon. So much so that I immediately ditched the existing electric type member of my party at the time which was Yamper. A decision I definitely did not regret later down the line. 

The glorious typing of Electric/Poison 

Why Toxtricity is the best Pokemon in Sword and Shield Image 2

Toxel and Toxtricty are the first of their kind…pokemon that are graced with the dual typing of electric and poison. Personally, I’m a big fan of having dual types during my first playthrough of any pokemon game due to move coverage. 

Having electric and poison covered in a pokemon for the first time opened my team up to new possibilities. Usually, a pure electric type pokemon takes a spot on my team as the best electric types for each gen tend to be of the pure variety and caught fairly early on. For example, Shinx, Electrike or Mareep.

I always like to have one electric pokemon in my party as good rock and steel moves are harder to come by and you never know when you’re going to have an encounter with a pesky bird catcher. Having a poison type Pokemon in Galar is also very handy considering how many fairy types are littered across the map and will serve you well against Opal in the Fairy-type gym in Ballonlea. 

Punk rock-ability 

Why Toxtricity is the best Pokemon in Sword and Shield Image 3

A nice little British touch to Toxtricity is that he is a punk rocker who can play the strings on his chest like a guitar! Many say that GameFreak have run out of ideas when it comes to new Pokemon but this is an absolute gem. 

Adding to this is the Punk Rock ability Toxtricity can possess. This boosts sound-based moves and considering Toxtricity learns the move Boomburst which has 140 Power and 100 Accuracy, it can lead to some devastating damage! 

Base totals may cause stat-ic

Why Toxtricity is the best Pokemon in Sword and Shield Image 4

Toxtricity’s stats are solid across the board with a base total of 502 which is not too shabby at all. There is an emphasis on attack but no base stat drops below 70 making the mon a very good allrounder. Nuff said. 

The Toxtricity of our city

Why Toxtricity is the best Pokemon in Sword and Shield Image 5

Yes, this chest strumming purple lizard is in a band featuring Rillaboom on the drums, a fellow Toxtricity also shredding on the pectoral strings and Obstagoon on the vocals. 

The band is called the Maximizers and there’s an easter egg once you complete the main story where you can see the band perform by the lighthouse in Hulbury. Sadly, this only plays the game’s credits again which is a bit of a missed opportunity. I’m just going to assume that Obstagoon is a screamo vocalist so a short death metal track would have been both apt and hilariously wacky. 

A final note to end on is that System of a Down is my favourite band, Toxicity is one of my favourite songs by them, Toxtricity sounds like Toxicity and the pokemon is in a 4-piece band just like the alternative metal icons. 

I simply adore everything about this Pokemon and will do for years to come.