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Capcom Files A New Trademarks For Dino Crisis

We’ve discussed that Capcom are running out of Resident Evil games to remake a few times now. Once Resident Evil 3 is out in April they developers reach a crossroads, what next? We’re sure this is something the developers themselves have pondered in multiple meetings, but now it looks like Dino Crisis is something they have either decided on, or are actively considering.

Capcom have filed a brand new trademark to a series they already own. This is suspicious enough in itself, but considering we’re living in the era of the Capcom remake; we’re prepared to go out on a limb and propose that a Dino Crisis remake is now a matter of when rather than if.

We were in this same situation several months ago after the remake of Resident Evil 2 hit shelves. Following its immense success, a remake of Resident Evil 3 just became an inevitability.

Now this doesn’t mean we’re getting a Dino Crisis remake any time soon. Chances are the PS5 and next Xbox will be well into their early years before we do, but the filing of a new trademark increased the possibility that it’s coming by a significant margin.

It also lends weight to the argument that Resident Evil 4 is not being remade. We agree with this, as frankly, it doesn’t need to be. After the fantastic remake of Resident Evil 1 on the GameCube, its various HD ports and the subsequent remakes of 2 and 3, Capcom may now need to look at other franchises if they’re committed to this particular path. As Dino Crisis used the same engine, played in a similar way and borrowed a lot from Resident Evil, it becomes the logical choice.

Although we’re interested to see if Resident Evil: Code Veronica gets the remake treatment first. But regardless, dinosaurs are about to be become scary again!

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