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PT’s Version Of Silent Hill Was Fully Rendered In-Engine


PT was a fantastic experience, and for those who didn’t delete it from their PlayStation 4 it still is. Unfortunately I’m one of the idiots who didn’t download the demo for Silent Hills before it got taken down by Konami. Thankfully a few people out there did, and at least one of them who isn’t trying to sell their console for £1000 is doing some incredible work on what would have been the next Silent Hill game, and the first made by Hideo Kojima.

YouTuber Lance McDonald has done some fantastic work with PT, recently making the discovery that the game’s antagonist, Lisa, is constantly stuck to the player’s back throughout every playthrough. Well now they’ve done even more work, and have explored the fully rendered version of Silent Hill seen at the end of PT, when Norman Reedus emerges from the endless corridor.

Fully Rendered


The thing I find most insane about this whole thing is that this section of Silent Hill was rendered for just a small part of the game that’s only on the screen for a few seconds. That level of detail is something that developers only go into when they want to full immerse the player in the experience they’ve created, which could mean that the area was meant to be explored, at least a little, at one point.

Since this is a demo, I imagine that the ending of PT was probably going to allow players to open the final door and walk into Silent Hill, before a cutscene took over and ended the game. You can tell this was almost the case because of how well the initial street was rendered, hiding as much as possible behind the buildings whilst still having details exteriors on the player’s side of the street.

The final thing that really nails it home that this area was once meant to be explored is that the first time you enter the area, the player’s character falls through the streets. This on its own wouldn’t be suspicious, but after a short time Lisa shows up to kill they character as they fall, causing the game to reset back in bounds, within the corridor system.

Konami and Hideo Kojima’s team wouldn’t have put the effort in to kill the player in this area, or render it in the game, if it hadn’t been a place that they were originally going to take players to. Clearly the Lisa kill and missing collision that causes the character to fall through the streets was added in once the developers realised that they couldn’t let players go there.

PT was released on the same day that it was announced, during an E3 event. It was the first game to do this, setting a trend that many developers have followed now. I think the decision to do this was made late in the day in terms of development, and that’s why this area that player’s aren’t mean to enter exists, fully rendered. I love finding out about secrets in games like this, check out the full video on it below.

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