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Resort Is About A Comet, Dreams, And Being Stubborn


Resort is a wonderful game that brings together some of my favourite things, rocks from outer space, that place you go when you’re dreaming, and being a stubborn old mule. Obviously Resort is a lot better than just those three things, and honestly it has nothing to do with grumpy dads who refuse to change their ways. Check out the trailer, which explains nothing, below and read on for more details.

Writing About the End of the World


In Resort players take on the role of Laura Tanner, a writer who is visiting the town of Laburnum Creek in light of the news that a comet is on its way to obliterate it. Why is she visiting a town that’s about to be blown off the map? Well the inhabitants are refusing to move, even though they’re definitely aware that they’re about to be vaporised by a rock from space.

In a shocking (not very) twist, there’s a dark secret at the heart of Laburnum Creek, something that’s rotting the town from the inside out. As Laura explores the town and meets the locals, she’ll encounter very strange individuals, and even have a few experiences that she’ll believe could have been dreams, if they weren’t so damn real that is. It sounds like the town has an effect on people, which is probably why none of the locals want to leave, but Laura has yet to succumb to the spell, if she wants to let the magic of it in at all.

Blackwoods Entertainment say that Resort is an indie game all about suppressed trauma and buried secrets, with the player’s choices affecting the changes to Laura’s world. The game has no puzzles, but the choices made will literally re-shape how the world appears, meaning that new options can be opened up by exploring different parts of Laura’s past.

I really enjoy games like this, that use mysterious settings and circumstances to explore very real issues. People tend to bury trauma for a reason, but when it comes out it can seem like your dreams are mixing with your reality, just as they will in Resort. The game comes out for PC at some point in the future, which has yet to be determined, but you can wishlist it on Steam all the same.

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