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PS5 Specs Potentially Leak – How Does This Compare With Xbox X Series?

Thanks to a very in depth Digital Foundry report that was recently posted on Eurogamer, the PS5’s specs may have been revealed. So let’s breakdown what it says in plain and simple English. According to the report, the PS5 will contain the following:

  • A 9.2 teraflop GPU. The PS4 is 1.84 teraflops. That’s some processing power!
  • GDDR6 memory, the equivalent to AMD’s RX 5700 series Navi graphic cards – This would be considered high-end by gaming PC standards
  • The GPU will allegedly “switch between modes for backwards compatibility”, allowing it to play with PS4 games. This basically will allow the PS5 to emulate the PS4 and more.
PS5 Dev Kit

The report was written by Digital Foundry’s Richard Leadbetter, who claims he got the information above from leaked sources. He’s been right before so we’re excited to see if this does indeed come true. The article suggests that the PS5 may not be as powerful as the next Xbox, but it’s hard to know what version of PS5 is taking on what version of Xbox.

What we mean is, this could be the basic PS5 and it may contain a ‘Pro’ model like the PS4 does. This could be potentially more powerful than the ‘base PS5’ and could blow the Xbox out of the water. But we’re not going to write Microsoft off yet. After all, this is speculation. What we do know is Microsoft are releasing multiple models of Xbox later this year. The so far revealed Xbox X Series is just one of these and clearly Microsoft have more to show off in time.

If the report is to be believed then we have the specs for the Xbox X Series and a ‘base’ PS5. It makes sense for the X Series to be a higher spec than the base PS5, the X Series is the equivalent of Playstation’s ‘Pro’ models. So until we can compare a base PS5 with a base Xbox, it’s too early to call which is the most powerful. But so far, both look like they’re going to be beasts!

Check out the report linked above for a full breakdown.