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Why Football Manager is Becoming the Football Simulator of Choice

Football Manager 2020

Throughout the last few years, the developments within the video game market have resulted in increased competition concerning digital football simulators. For the most part, the sector has been dominated by FIFA, Football Manager and Pro Evolution Soccer, with each offering a different gaming experience. However, following the latest title in the EA Sports series getting off to a rocky start, it does beg the question as to whether it’s worth switching to Football Manager 2020.

As a result, we’re going to consider how Sports Interactive is stealing a march on their gaming competitors.

Features of the Sports Interactive Release

Even though, from an on-field standpoint, FIFA 20 allows prospective gamers to control the actions of their players, the tactical variety within the Sports Interactive title contributes to the company’s modern-day success. In regard to the database itself, players can choose from 166 leagues from a total of 51 nations, which is considerably more than the 30 leagues that are available in FIFA 20.

In recent times, EA Sports has sought to implement some of the more in-depth options that can be found within Football Manager in the form of individual player instructions. However, while this is a step forward for FIFA, the polished game mechanics reward planning and progression like never before in the newest release in the managerial-focussed simulator, with new features including club vision emphasising the importance of focussing on long-term success.

While there can be no doubts that the graphics within FIFA 20 do seek to counter some of the title’s apparent limitations, Sports Interactive are regularly making developments to their franchise’s on-field aesthetics year-on-year. Although the standard is still somewhat behind other football simulators, the up-to-date match engine has improved numerous in-game features, including player animations and AI upgrades.

The Desire for Depth and Variation

One of the many reasons that Football Manager, as a simulator, is a popular choice among football fans relates to the franchise’s commitment to variation and game progression. Outside of the traditional gaming industry, the fantasy football scene has also reached new heights in recent years because of the empowerment which is offered to users, allowing them to have full control over their experiences.

Furthermore, the variation provided within Football Manager regarding the title’s database size is having an influence on the online sports betting industry. For instance, markets within divisions such as the Indian Super League, Saudi Arabian Premier division and Qatar’s Second League are available to play on at NetBet sports betting, in addition to less obscure leagues including the Bundesliga, Premier League and Serie A.

Football Manager 20 is a Powerful In-Depth Football Simulator

Ultimately, games like FIFA 20 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 are ideal for those who wish to immerse themselves in simulators which offer them control over player actions and movements. However, in aspects of gameplay where Football Manager has traditionally fallen behind their competitors, such as graphics, Sports Interactive are continually seeking to evolve the look of their titles while also adding new features that further strengthen the nature of their tactically-focussed simulator.

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