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Not Tonight Take Back Control Edition Launches For Nintendo Switch On January 31


No More Robots has confirmed that the release date for Not Tonight Take Back Control Edition is January 31, 2020. This is the Nintendo Switch release of the game, and honestly I couldn’t be happier to report that it’s almost here. It feels like a very deliberate move to launch the game on the same day that the UK is meant to leave the EU as part of Brexit, but then again this game is totally inspired by Brexit. Check out the latest, extremely on the nose trailer for the game below, and read on for some more details.

Not Tonight takes place in a dystopian Britain, in which Brexit talks have collapsed completely, which sounds a little too close to reality, and as a result a far-right regime has grasped control of the country. The Take Back Control Edition of the game for Nintendo Switch includes some DLC, an additional chapter for the game’s story. This DLC, called One Love, continues the game’s story, adding new gameplay features, characters, and locations.

In Not Tonight you play as a bouncer. You’re tasked with guarding doors and ensuring that certain criteria are met. In the beginning this is basically a game about filling up as many pubs with legal drinkers as possible, but later it becomes so much more. I had the opportunity to play the Nintendo Switch version of the game at EGX last year, and I really enjoyed my time with it. The game feels a lot like Papers, Please because you’re constantly checking documents and criteria, doubting your decisions right as you make them.

The game feels very much at home on the Nintendo Switch. Controls aren’t an issue at all, in fact the game plays like it was made for the console. I think that some concessions have been made due to the available screen space, but that’s a small price to pay for having such a great game on the console. If you’ve never played Papers, Please then you won’t understand the appeal just yet, but I promise you that once you’ve played it for a while you’ll be hooked, eager to get through to the next part of the game that tasks you with guarding an entrance somewhere. I’m sure there’s a story, but I’m too much of a document nerd to care.

Keep an eye out for Not Tonight Take Back Control Edition when it launches at the end of the month.

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