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In Other Waters Is About Xenobiology


In Other Waters is an upcoming game for PC, Mac, and Nintendo Switch that puts players in the role of a xenobiologist and guide for a pilot. The game looks like a beautifully chilled experience that will allow for some real depth without requiring huge blockbuster cutscenes or incredible character designs. Instead, In Other Waters presents players with a UI system to interact with, one that grows over time to encompass more and more tasks, ultimately turning them from a voice on the other end of a radio into a true explorer. Check out the game’s trailer below and read on for more details.

Uncharted Waters


Every location in the game is another part of an alien ocean, one that’s being explored by a pilot somewhere out there. You inhabit the pilot’s suit, and to a degree it’s down to you to ensure she doesn’t come across anything that will do her harm. Initially you’ll be making discoveries that will lead to upgrades for both the UI system and the planet, unlocking new areas to explore. The pilot, Ellery, will have new dialogue options and side quests available if every part of the available area is explored.

Talking to Ellery is important, because it helps you learn about who she is. It’s unclear what players are exactly, but they do inhabit Ellery’s suit. As such, it’s important to get to know one another, and this can lead to some poignant questions that will make you reconsider quite a lot about yourself. I always find that games that put you in the role of an unknown trying to get to know someone are the most revealing when it comes to who you are, and what you think of new people.

Study An Alien Ocean


As you explore the ocean of this alien world, you’ll encounter new life. It’s down to you to catalog and study this life, scanning it and observing it before taking samples, or even interacting with the strange new creatures. Ellery will make notes that you can view yourself, as well as sketches she’s made of the new life that she’s encountered throughout her journey.

Movement appears to be pretty simple, with you picking the direction Ellery will go in, and sending her on her way. The trailer doesn’t show off much of the interactions that players will make, but it’s pretty clear that there will be a lot of buttons to work with as you explore the world and try to study and everything you come across.

What I love most about In Other Waters is the visual design. Everything is very flat and simple, and the contrasting colours of blue and yellow work really well, so much so that I feel the need to buy a yellow Joy Con for my Switch. I think that this game is going to be one of those experiences that people play to escape the day, to give them a way to get into something that requires their attention, but won’t drain their energy like the day has.

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