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Genesis Alpha One Comes To Steam And GOG


Genesis Alpha One originally launched for PC on the Epic Game Store, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One last year in January. The game has some incredibly interesting mechanics, and potential for endless hours of gameplay. Now it’s finally available outside of the Epic Game Store, check out the new trailer below.

Worth A Try

I don’t have the exact data, but the Matacritic scores for the game up until now have been pretty middling. This is a game with a lot of mechanics smashed together, but they all work really well. At its core, this is a spacefaring rogue-lite. You design a ship, build it from a set amount of resources, and head out on your way.

During your journey you need to create clones, mindless drones who will run the various systems of your ship. As you travel from point to point, you’ll be able to explore new planets, uncovering alien species, and harvesting the materials you need to expand your ship. Building up your ship creates more systems to run, so you need more clones.

On each new planet there’s a chance of encountering wildlife, and you’ll need to defend your harvester against it when it attacks. Even once you’ve returned to your ship the danger isn’t over. Aliens can hitch a ride and hide away on your ship, causing problems later on, or you might get invaded. Rogue pirates will attack and teleport aboard your ship, and you need to be ready for those attacks with auto-turrets, defence mechs, and a quick route to your command console.

The game has a huge scope for exploration and expansion on both the perfect ship, and the ideal playthrough. Over the past year it’s been patched up with new updates and features, and it’s even better than before. The controls are better, the mechanics of each area of the ship are more refined, and there are even more challenges to battle against along the way.

If you never gave Genesis Alpha One a try the first time it released, give it a try now that it’s more widely available. The game has so many more features now than it did, and it’s available with a 25 percent discount.

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