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What If Okami 2 Is About The God Of Darkness?


We recently reported on the fact that Hideki Kamiya would love to make Okami 2 if Capcom would let him. That news got me thinking about an Okami sequel, if there were ever to be one, and what it could be about. It turns out a lot of other people have had the same thoughts, because we’ve got some awesome concept art for a dark goddess, and I have an idea for a story that could work if the game were to star her.



In the image above from Hoa Han we can see the God of Darkness. Since Okami starred a goddess, I think that we should do the same with Okami 2 and have the goddess of darkness. I can’t imagine that Ameratsu and this goddess would be friends, so there’s no need to have one male and one female, it might make things too complicated.

In the story I’ve imagined around this goddess of darkness, Ameratsu has disappeared from the world. As a result, the world has been plunged into total darkness, and evil is taking advantage of that by ravaging the lands. The goddess of darkness is awoken to take charge of what is happening, since she has the power to rule over this darkness that the evil is using as cover.

Over the course of the story the goddess of darkness is going to meet a number of other gods, as Ameratsu did, gaining new powers and abilities to help her along the way. Eventually she’ll uncover where Ameratsu is being held, trying in with the ending of the original Okami, leading players to the Celestial Plane for the first time.


In Okami, painting on a tablet was a big part of the gameplay. It allowed players to summon winds, restore trees to life, and all manner of other actions. In Okami 2 I think that this mechanic needs to evolve. We can see in the concept art that this goddess has two tails, so we need to have two paintbrushes. One brush could be for elemental powers that the goddess gains from other gods, while the other could allow players to use powers of darkness.

These powers of darkness wouldn’t be evil, but they’d all be tied to the dark. One might turn an object into a shadow, allowing you to pass through it. Another could summon the moon’s light, opening up portals or changing a scene so that a new path opens. However the powers work, they’d need to be suitably good. This goddess of darkness may look evil, but in this version of Okami 2 she is still a force for good.

Just as Ameratsu was restoring the world as she moved around the game, so would this goddess. Players would still need to remove all the evil from areas in order to unlock NPCs and progress, but everything would be tinged with darkness. I think that the fact that the game’s setting would be the complete opposite of the original’s protagonist would be just the juxtaposition that fans are looking for. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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