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Call Of Duty Warzone Brings Together The Two Types Of Player


Call of Duty Warzone launched last week for free across most major platforms. The game is a purely multiplayer focused Call of Duty experience, bringing the franchise’s take on battle royale forward to the current release, Modern Warfare, but adding a few new twists. Regardless of what you think of it, this game does something that a Call of Duty hasn’t been able to do for years, bring together the two types of player for this series.

The Single Player


Call of Duty games usually have cracking campaigns. The stories might vary in terms of quality, but they’re usually very entertaining to play through in all the difficulty modes. They even used to offer a few different challenges for players to try to complete, but now those really are restricted to the difficulty of each level. The gamers who would buy Call of Duty every year and just play the campaign knew what they wanted. They might dabble a bit in the multiplayer modes, but for the most part they just smashed through the campaign, and that was it.

The Multiplayer


The second type of Call of Duty player are those who buy the games each year and just play the multiplayer modes. These players, once again, knew what they wanted. They did not want to spend hours grinding out a single player campaign in each difficulty, they wanted unique multiplayer matches. To be fair to them, Call of Duty is built for multiplayer, and up until 2019’s release they really doubled down on that aspect of the games.


Call of Duty Warzone is free, so it’s immediately appealing to everyone. It’s also not straight multiplayer or single player. You can play through it on your own, or as a team, and come out on top. There are new mechanics to learn, weapons to master, and a story in each match to work through. That story might just be your tale of survival, but it’s never the same twice. This is how the game brings everyone together. I can’t say if it’s good or not, I haven’t played enough of it, but I can say for certain that there are gamers across the spectrum playing the game and having fun with everyone else in it at the same time.

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