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Microgaming’s Upcoming Game of Thrones Slot—is it the Real Deal?

Casino software developer Microgaming plans to release a sequel to its Game of Thrones slot later this year. This comes six years since the Isle of Man-based company partnered with the GoT franchise in 2014.

Thanks to the partnership, Microgaming has the permission to take casino players on a tour to Westeros through slot machines. The established software provider already has a popular GoT slot and it hopes the new game will be as successful as the original.

What to Expect

In a press release published on Microgaming’s website, the developer will spare no expenses to deliver the ultimate GoT online game. In fact, the company will work with Slingshot Studios, an independent developer, to help build an innovation-driven top-notch game.

Microgaming could develop the new GoT game in two ways: improve on its first GoT game graphics wise and add new bonus rounds. Or it could explore a unique theme in the TV series and create a game that’s unique in every aspect.

Knowing Microgaming’s history with sequels, however, it will probably take the first option. Here’s how that worked with the company’s tremendously successful Thunderstruck slot game:

  • The original Thunderstruck had 9 pay lines
  • The sequel has 15 or 243 ways to win
  • Thunderstruck focused on Thor
  • Thunderstruck II introduced fellow Norse gods: Odin. Loki and Valkyrie
  • The original had one free spin feature
  • The sequel has four free spins features

You get the idea. Microgaming built a more complex, more feature-loaded game with its sequel of the Thunderstruck slot game. Where the original had 45 coins, the sequel came with 300. While Thor was the star of the first edition, the second game came with a quadruple of Norse gods.

The Original Game of Thrones Slot

Microgaming included all four houses of Westeros: Lannister, Baratheon, Stark and Targaryen in its slot. It also did something unique; allowing you to decide whether to play with 15 pay lines or 243 ways to win.

That said, you also need to partner with a family in Westeros and help them fight for the throne. Win battles and you get rewarded with wilds, scatters and free spins. The wild replaces all icons in the game to help you win real money.

The stacked wild bonus comes with more cash while the scatter is for free spins. There’s also a gambling feature that gives you a chance to double your money after your first win. Below are more symbols:

  • 3-5 matches earn you 2-100 times your bet
  • Five Targaryen dragon symbols equal 300 times your wager
  • 5 Baratheon Stags earn you 600 times your bet
  • Five Lannister Lions reward you 500 times
  • Five Stark wolves equal 400 times your bet
  • Five GoT Wilds reward you 1000 times your wager

With such a comprehensive representation of the GoT series, it will be interesting to find out how Microgaming handles the sequel. In all fairness, the existing GoT slot is not perfect. As such, the developer could concentrate on fixing the flaws in the original.

GoT Power Stacks Slot

The upcoming Microgaming slot will officially be known as Game of Thrones Power Stacks. It’s basically a reference what GoT is all about: stacking up power by forging alliances or annihilating enemies.

Which family will you support? For starters, experts believe GoT power slots will focus on these areas:

  • Graphics Design

The existing GoT game is often criticized for its simplistic graphics. Microgaming designed it six years ago, but still, most of the images look bland. The upcoming slot, however, is projected to be everything a 2020 slot should look like.

From the GoT logo and the dragons to the TV stars and their weapons, Microgaming can’t afford to mess up on graphics this time. As such, expect a slot that’s not only visually impressive but also designed with the future in mind.

  • The Storyline

The original GoT game is a replica of the TV show. The four Westero houses are continually in a war over who should become king. However, you also get to become a member of the Westero by joining one of the families.

With power Stacks, Microgaming will probably include some events from the TV show’s final season. It hinted that in the press release that announced Power Stacks, emphasizing how many people watched the last episode.

Against that backdrop, it won’t be just about aligning with a family. There will be a winner and it could follow the show’s final ending or allow you to pursue a unique finale.

  • Features and Bonuses

Expect Microgaming to retain most symbols in the original game. It has no reasons to change them, anyway. However, it could also feature TV stars from the show, including Bran Stark—the last King of Westeros.

We could also the Night King and his minions of the walking dead appear as symbols. Basically, Microgaming could add more of the characters who lived until the ending. Of course, all these people will be symbols that can help you win free spins or multiply your profits.

Will Bronn, the master of coin, appear? It would make a lot of sense to have Bronn in the new GoT slot. He knows where the coins are, and he could guide players like you to them.

  • Betting Lines and Jackpot

All signs show Microgaming will stick with the famous 5×3 reel format. It could also have the option to use 15 or 243 pay lines, adjustable coins but have a higher number of maximum coins.

In other words, Power Stacks will be about taking more risks in exchange for all the power you can have in Westeros.

The Takeaway

Casino players like the original Microgaming GoT slot machines. However, they tend to criticize it for its modest visuals that do little to motivate you to play the game again. The game also lacks GoT characters, which makes it feel incomplete.

With Power Stacks, Microgaming has the chance to get everything right. They can introduce the main stars of the HBO series. They could bring back symbols in the original version and make the game’s graphics more visually interesting. If they do, the GoT sequel could be as successful as Thunderstruck II.

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