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The Best Online Games For Young Kids

Online gaming has become a very popular pastime for many people. While this can be harmless fun, there are mature games that you might not want your young kids to be playing. Unless you’re a gamer yourself or keep a close eye on exactly what your kids are playing at all times, it can be hard to know what games are appropriate for their age group. Here are a few fun, kid-friendly games to keep them entertained and your mind at ease.


Minecraft has been a massive game for many years across a wide age range. It is appealing to the creative child with its various in-game materials to be collected and then be used to build various structures. With the game being online, kids can join each other in-game on a Minecraft server and help one another build impressive structures, among other activities. Along with this construction aspect, Minecraft can also be educational when it comes to problem-solving as well, which is why many teachers find it appealing.

This game does require an Xbox Live account to play (even on Nintendo Switch and mobile), so parents need to be aware of that and be in control of it. Turning off voice chat is a good idea, so kids cannot talk to strangers. Overall though, this is a great choice to introduce kids to online gaming.


Roblox is ideal for kids that might be interested in becoming a game creator one day. This is a game that allows players to create their own games inside of it without having to worry about needing money. The games can then be played with others online. It’s like a playground when one kid has an idea for a game, and others join him. Rules are made and changed in accordance with how much fun they decided to have with it. However, like with most any online games, Roblox does have safety concerns of which parents need to be aware of.

While the creators of Roblox do have the game check itself for games with profanity and inappropriate images, games are allowed with blood, horror, and murder themes. Parents can limit the games their kids can access by setting the player’s age to 12 or under. There are also parental controls as well to help kids be safe while playing.

Splatoon 2

This is an excellent game to introduce kids to online shooters without having to fear them seeing or hearing anything inappropriate. It has multiple game modes, one of which is simply spraying ink on the majority of the level rather than always focusing on taking out the enemy. The graphics are more aimed at kids in mind rather than adults as well.

It is probably the safest of these three games as well because the only way to have voice chat is through the Nintendo switch app on smartphones, and there is no in-game communication in the form of writing to other players. So long as parents do not download the app, voice chat will never be present in-game. The only downside to Splatoon 2 is that it is only available on Nintendo Switch.


Wither a child is playing one of these three games or anything game online, safety is a concern, so here are some ways to make sure your kids are safely playing online. Make sure they do not have their in-game name their real one or anything that identifies them or shows your home address. With your home address, anyone can use the internet to know where you live and how to get there.

Make your kids take a break, especially if they are becoming angry if things in a game are not going their way. Games should be enjoyed, not the cause of rage. Also, if your kids are showing signs of addiction, a break is needed without doubt. Do not hesitate to take away games entirely for a while if that is what is needed to prevent addiction. Lastly, always check privacy settings. This can limit who can see when your kids are online and what they are playing.

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