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Good News Everyone! The Outer Worlds Will Finally Hit Nintendo Switch In June


The Outer Worlds has had a rocky time on Nintendo Switch so far, and it’s not even out! First the game was announced as launching for the console as a box with a download, yet more evidence that Nintendo doesn’t care about the planet. However, that soon changed after the extreme amount of pressure put on all involved to produce a game card, so that was then happening. Unfortunately, the coronavirus (COVID-19) caused some of the people working on the Switch port to stop working, which delayed the Switch release. Now though, we know that the game is hitting the Switch on June 5, 2020, and that is some great news if I’ve ever heard any.

Here At Last (Soon)

Obsidian Entertainment made an announcement about this new release date on their site. It brings further confirmation that there is a digital version, plus a physical version that comes on a game card. The game will cost $59.99, so around £39.99 in the UK I think, and the physical version will need a day one patch that might make it up to 6GB, so delete some junk on your Switch right now.

I honestly couldn’t be more excited to play The Outer Worlds on Nintendo Switch at last. It’s a great game on Xbox One, which is the only other place that I’ve played it, but it’s a game that I want to sink more hours into as I sit watching movies or somewhere that my family can’t find me. It’s a game that requires you to commit to a good dozen hours at least, probably more, and that’s just one single playthrough. If you’re like me, this will be a game that you put more hours into than anything else, because it can be played in so many different ways.

Just to make it really clear that this is the game for you, you can kill everyone, or no one, or somewhere in-between, and there’s still more for you to change up your play style. From the Flaw system, which gives you buffs and debuffs based on your behaviour, to the way that everyone in this universe worships the company that they work for, there’s something so special about The Outer Worlds, but you can’t quite identify it. It’s an intangible quality that keeps you coming back. It might be the fact that the game feels a lot like Fallout: New Vegas, but it could just be the way that every NPC is completely unaware of how close to death they are when they meet you.

If you’re excited about The Outer Worlds for Nintendo Switch, let us know in the comments. 

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