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Fortnite’s Travis Scott’s Astronomical Has Some Ridiculous Stats


Last week, between April 23 and 25, Fortnite saw a new kind of musical journey. Travis Scott debuted the world premiere of his new track in the game, and millions of fans watched on and enjoyed. The entire experience, called Astronomical, was inspired by Cactus Jack’s creations, and was actually built in Fortnite from the ground up using its creative tools. Alongside the mini-tour that the song/experience saw, we got some ridiculous stats for the event in Fortnite.

If you’ve read any of the other ridiculous stats articles on PowerupGaming, you’ll know how much we love them. Fortnite is great for stats, because they’re always generally quite large, and weirdly specific as we can see here with 12.3 million concurrent players watching Astronomical all at once. This is actually a record for Fortnite, whether it’s an all-time record for concurrent players, or just a record for one of the game’s events we’re not sure.

A fact that is definitely reaching for some sort of tangible link with this figure comes from Tanzania. 12.3 million people was the country’s entire recorded population in 1967, though it has increased four-fold since then.

Early in March this year, Saudi Aramco announced that they would be boosting the number of crude oil barrels provided to customers per day to 12.3 million. We now know that this has contributed to flooding the market with way too much oil at a time when most people aren’t driving. It could even have been part of the reason that crude oil barrel prices fell from $10 per barrel, to just 10 cents per barrel this month.

We’re getting really crazy with this next stat link. 12.3 million, the number of concurrent players in Fortnite watching Astronomical last week, is the same number of dried seahorses that were seized by authorities in Callao, Peru. Honestly, I didn’t want to look too closely into this story because it’s quite sad and harms the environment.

To end on a high here, we’ve got a link to an incredibly expensive boat. If you took the number of players watching Astronomical last week and transferred each one into GBP, you’d have enough money to buy the brand new super yacht that Porsche recently released. This thing is straight out of a James Bond film, filled by a comfortable interior that looks great to have a meeting with a super spy in, of course you’d need a gun on them to complete the image. With that said, this is just a nice boat to retire on, as long as you’ve got the cash to splash on it.

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