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Good News Everyone! Stellaris: Console Edition Expansion Pass 2 Launches Next Month


Stellaris: Console Edition is a beast of a game. Previously, Stellaris was exclusively available on PC, and with good reason. The game is massive, asking you to put hundreds of hours into a campaign, one that you may ultimately lose. However, the console edition brought the game to home consoles at last, and it’s been quite the success. However, PC players have noticed that the game lags behind their version in terms of updates and general quality of life perks that were implemented in the PC version long ago. But now, that’s all changing, starting on May 12.

Stellaris: Console Edition Expansion Pass Two

The second expansion pass for Stellaris: Console Edition brings three major expansions to the game. The first of these is the Synthetic Dawn Story Pack. This opens up a brand new way for you to establish your empire across the galaxy. Your society will be made up of robots, which will be replicating themselves and spreading a mechanical concioucness across the galaxy, until they ultimately conquer it. This DLC Launches on May 12, alongside the second expansion pass.

The second DLC is the Apocalypse Expansion. It introduces colossal new weapons, defences, and non-violent creations as well. The key here, as you’d imagine, is being able to blow up an entire planet, something that I think we’ve all dreamed of. With weapons like that now loose in the galaxy, preparing defences is critical.

The third DLC is the Humanoids Species Pack. This adds in a host of new ships, portraits and general items that look human so that you can take us across the stars. Of course, it isn’t all about us, you can create new humanoid species and send them across the stars too.

This is the perfect point to jump into the game if you haven’t already. The first expansion pass will probably drop in price, and then you can invest in this second one as and when you need to take advantage of it.

We’re covering as much good news as we can at the moment, trying to get away from any bad news out there. If you liked this look at the next set of content coming to Stellaris: Console Edition, check out much more good news here.

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