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This Is The Best The Last Of Us Part 2 Fan Trailer Made To Date


Last week we got the good news that The Last Of Us Part 2 is going to launch in June. The game’s story might have been leaked online, but it’s easy to avoid if you try. However, it’s quite hard not to think about the game in the lead up to launch. It almost gets more unbearable as you get closer to a game’s release date, not knowing what the story will be, and getting way to excited about what you’ll be doing in it. For the past few weeks I’ve been keeping those feelings at bay by watching what I think is the best fan-made trailer for The Last Of Us Part 2 ever.

This trailer comes courtesy of CRISTIANDRAKE, a YouTube channel that seems to focus on post-apocalyptic games. A new trailer is set to launch this week, but for now this is still the best one I’ve ever seen. It does a fantastic job of keeping the pacing from start to finish building, ending with a crescendo that matches any E3 gameplay reveal I’ve seen.

I think what makes the trailer so powerful is Ellie’s characters. The trailer strips out all of the unnecessary gameplay and world-building elements from everything official that’s been released, and instead focuses on her. At the core, The Last Of Us Part 2 sounds as if it will be a story of revenge for Ellie, whether that’s for the death of her friend, the one she loves, Joel, or something else entirely. The simple fact is that by choosing to focus everything on Ellie, this trailer ascends to a new level above anything that the Naughty Dog marketing team has made.

You can feel the passion that CRISTIANDRAKE has for The Last Of Us Part 2 in the trailer, and that’s another part of what makes it so good. It features the key reveals that everyone’s been excited about, Joel, Tommy’s settlement, the mysterious woman, and even the inciting event in the cabin.

Take a look at the trailer and let us know what you think in the comments. We’re really excited to get our hands on this game, and we hope that you are too.

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