Good News Everyone! EA Play Live Is Digital This Year


EA Play EA’s E3 event. Every year around the time of E3, EA start peddling EA Play, and they get really into it. Since E3 is usually the highlight of the gaming calendar, it makes sense that they double down with announcements and reveals every year. 2020 has seen the cancellation of many events, including E3, but that isn’t stopping EA. The publisher has announced that EA Play 2020 will still be going ahead, but it’s a digital-only event.

What Should We Expect From EA Play 2020?

Since EA Play 2020 is effectively EA’s E3 2020, we should have some very high expectations. Yes, the company will probably hold back on anything that isn’t quite ready, since the pressure isn’t quite as high with their own event, but they still want to make it worth watching. I think we can expect a couple of things from EA, though we may not see all of them.

Anthem 2.0

This one is a possibility, but may not happen at all. We know that BioWare is working on something big for Anthem in the background, they’re just keeping quiet about it for now. We might catch a glimpse of what the developer is planning for their big update to Anthem, but I don’t think that we should hold our breath.

Dragon Age 4

Everyone knows that Dragon Age 4 is in the works. It’s one of those mythical projects that we all want, but no one has seen anything about. If the game is going to release this year, we need to see something about it now. However, the game may not be launching this year, so EA might just choose to keep quiet on the situation to avoid any repercussions from showing gameplay with no real announcements.

Titanfall 3, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2, Apex Legends

With the huge success of Titanfall 2, it’s impossible to think that EA wouldn’t have Respawn Entertaiment working on a new Titanfall game. But these guys are pretty busy. They’ve also got to be working on a sequel to their hugely successful Star Wars game, and in the background they’re also plugging away at Apex Legends too. It’s tough to say exactly what we should expect, but I think it would be reasonable to say that we’ll see something from Apex Legends at least. With season 5 starting in a week or so, we’ll be in the middle of it when this event comes around.

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