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Why I’m Excited About Space Haven


Space Haven launches today in early access, and I’m really excited about it. The game is a base management simulator, with elements of FTL, but it’s more about keeping the last few humans around alive for as long as possible.

With Earth destroyed, space is the next best place for your group of humans to live. All they need is a few walls to keep the air in, and they can do the rest. Part of what makes it so exciting is the plethora of items to pick from and place all around your ship. As the crew grows, with new people arriving at certain points, you’ll be filling out new sections of the ship, effectively creating a huge shared home that can also fly through space. You need to be careful though, because noisy rooms will disturb the sleep of your colonists, and placing the wrong ones in sleeping quarters will cause them to be filled with poisonous gasses.

Each character has their own unique personality and traits. This is what makes games like Rimworld so enjoyable, and they really spice up the gameplay, so I’m very excited to try out organising the colonists in Space Haven. If your crew aren’t in the right frame of mind, everything could go wrong, and that would be disastrous. Much like with real humans, you need to keep everyone happy, healthy, and ready to go out on a mission, or defend their home from invaders.

Yes, there are invaders. Sometimes these can take the form of aliens, they can even take them back to their lair to be turned into more aliens, though you can rescue them if you try. Other enemies come in the form of the game’s other factions, who may have a ship or two and be wiling to rip you apart with it.

The game has so much going on, from cryo chambers to protect people from the effects of space travel, to completely procedural galaxies with every playthrough. I honestly don’t see how you could hope to ever see everything in this game, no matter how long you spend with it, but I’m sure that a few streamers are going to try. Let us know if you’re also excited about Space Haven in the comments. Pick the game up on Steam here.

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