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Fortnite Hosted A Tenet Trailer


Fortnite is a massive game. Yes, now that it’s a few years on, a large chunk of the player base has moved on to other games, but it still sees a huge number of players flying onto the island to battle it out for victory every day, week, and month. With this popularity, Epic Games is in the unique position that they can put a lot of different content in front of the players. Recently Travis Scott’s Astronomical was debuted in the game with an incredible light and visual show. Now, the game has seen the debut of a movie trailer.

As you can see, players put down their weapons and all got together to watch this brand new trailer for Tenet. While the movie looks incredible, I think it’s this debut event that speaks more about the entertainment industry as a whole.

Fortnite is a game. In it, you land on an island, and shoot everyone you can see so that you can. emerge as the sole survivor. The game mode, battle royale, is based on a horrific concept, one that has now made it into many different games. The game mode is what made Fortnite popular, but now fortnite has become its own game, with a creative build mode, and now these exclusive events.

For a new movie trailer to debut in Fortnite, both the movie’s director, and Epic Games, must have thought that it was a good idea that would reach a lot of potential movie goers. I don’t think that they were wrong, and it actually makes a lot more sense in the current climate. With the coronavirus (COVID-19) forcing people to stay at home, more people are playing games. As a result, the audience that will watch Tenet will be most easily reached through Fortnite.

Whether this movie trailer is a sign of things to come, I don’t know. What I will say is that Epic Games has a lot of money to invest in new platforms. If they started their own TV and movie streaming events within Fortnite, their player base would increase. This effect would be greater if they managed to secure exclusivity deals for new series, but I think that would come in time.

Why would players get together in Fortnite, a game about shooting each other, just to watch stuff? Because it’s a way to go to the movies and watch stuff with your friends, all at once, without actually leaving the house. You could watch a movie with your friend in another country, and have it feel like they’re in the same room.

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