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Kaiju & Other Slots for Anime Lovers

The different slots that anime lovers simply must check out

There are many people out there who love playing slots and there’s a lot to enjoy in every game.

With a range of options for each player to choose from, there are several factors that come into consideration when it comes to deciding what to play.

Do you go for the biggest jackpot? Is it about the bet limits? Whilst these are important aspects, some players will focus on a theme when they want to play slots online.

After all, you want to find a slot that you appreciate – and those who love anime, which is growing in popularity across the world, are spoilt for choice. With that in mind, we will be looking at four slots that you have to check out.


There hasn’t been a better time for gamers in the whole industry. With the technological advancements, everything we play is better than before.

And, that is reflected in Kaiju, which is a slot that should attract a wide range of players.

With five reels and 7,776 ways to win, every spin can be interesting. This futuristic slot is visually appealing and makes sure it stands out from your average game. Boasting different bonuses, sticky wilds and expanding reels, your journey as you wish to progress through the levels to secure bigger prizes is sure to be a fun one.

Sakura Fortune

The next Japanese, anime themed slot that players should consider is Sakura Fortune.

With five reels and 40 paylines, this is a more standard game than Kaiju but that doesn’t mean it’s not as exciting when the spinning starts. There are three ways for you to benefit, with respins, free spins and mystery nudges guaranteeing excitement as the game progresses.

As with Kaiju, the theme is clear to see and prevalent throughout, with the range of colours ensuring for a visually appealing game.

The main draw of Sakura Fortune is the chance to scoop a prize of over 1,000 times your stake, highlighting the cool prizes that are on offer for this game.

Koi Princess

Another slot that should be popular with players is Koi Princess from NetEnt.

Again, the theme is clear from the outset, with the brightly coloured charms and Japanese soundtrack ensuring you know exactly what this game is all about.

In terms of the features, there’s much to enjoy, with the obvious standout the bonus games that give you free spins and in some cases a guaranteed pay-out. Another cool aspect is the bonus wheel feature that will allow you to spin for certain prizes and with a jackpot that offers up to 1,000 times your stake, it could turn out to be a very profitable spin.

Fortune Girl

The final slot that we will look at is Fortune Girl and it’s another that should attract a number of players.

The images used for the game perfectly reflect the theme and it will be down to you to search for the prizes that can ensure you leave with glory.

Free spins, which come with multipliers, are the best way to secure the wins here, whilst there’s also a mystery symbol that adds a sense of intrigue and excitement to the game. The golden doors can help form winning combinations and transform into wilds to bring some nice returns for players.

Ultimately, there are different themed slots that will appeal to all and these are some of the best for anime lovers. They all have a clear theme and more importantly they all compare well with other slots when it comes to the features and prizes that are on offer.

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