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Take A Second To Relive The Best Moment In Red Dead Redemption


Red Dead Redemption was a real genre-defining game. It showed that Rockstar Games were completely capable of shifting their focus from a busy city with vehicles and guns, to the wild west, replacing vehicles with horses, and keeping some of the guns. The game was much slower-paced, and many story missions were actually more relaxing than anything else.

One of the key points in the story follows John Marston crossing over to Mexico. Once he reaches the shore, a song by Jose Gonzalez plays, called Far Away. this song is easily the best moment in the game, and can be enjoyed for the full length of that tune, providing you don’t get off of your horse. Sadly, I got off of my horse the first time I heard the song, and couldn’t get it to restart. Now though, I’m happy to report that you can enjoy the best moment in the game without needing to replay it.

The soundtrack often makes a game. While Red Dead Redemption is now a much lesser example of this, we have a few different games that we can point to from recent years that highlight this much better. The first is Death Stranding. That game has a phenomenal soundtrack, one that was built for the game, and it shows. It’s so much fun to explore the world to the music, and you can easily find yourself lost in it if you don’t mind walking around for hours.

The second example I want to pull out is The Last Of Us. That game has a brilliant soundtrack. You can hear the music of The Last Of Us and instantly know what you’re listening to. For me, Joel and Ellie’s story is accentuated because of the music, and I can take myself right back to it just by hearing a song or two. This has me even more excited about The Last Of Us Part 2, because that game will no doubt also have a phenomenal soundtrack.

Did you enjoy this song the first time around in Red Dead Redemption? Let us know if you managed to catch it in the comments. 

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