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Fallout Friday: Fasnacht Delay


Fasnacht is an in-game event in Fallout 76, based on a completely real life event that sort of follows a similar pattern. The event brings a new in-game activity for players to complete every hour or so, and sees them gathering the internal organs of various creatures, before protecting a bunch of robots with face masks as they walk down the road. The more robots you protect, the better your rewards, and there are some really great ones this year. However, just after the event went live this week, Bethesda took it right down again, and announced that the event had been delayed.

Since there’s a PTS, private test server, for Fallout 76, it’s hard to understand why the issue affecting the event wasn’t picked up before it went live. However, everyone at Bethesda is working from home, so it might actually be too awkward for them to catch bugs and glitches for short-term events like Fasnacht. The bug affecting Fasnacht was picked up by players pretty quickly. The issue was that the smaller creatures that spawn at the beginning of the in-game event, the Fasnacht Parade, weren’t spawning.

Without these smaller creatures, players can’t get the intestines and other organs required for the rest of the event, so no one could actually get through to the main part of the activity. Bethesda has updated the news post for the event, and notified everyone on their forums, that Fasnacht has been delayed indefinitely for now. At the time of writing, no indication of when the event is coming back has been given. I admit that it may make it out for the weekend though, so keep an eye out on the official channels to see if anything like that has been announced.

It’s such a shame that Fasnacht has been delayed. The event is actually probably the best in terms of regular Fallout 76 in-game events. It’s fun, gather players from all across the map, regardless of your server, and sees high level players help out the lower level ones. We’ll keep you updated on just how the event progresses, and when it will appear, but let us know in the comments in the meantime if you’re eager for it to return. 

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  • Mike Dagney

    Uh, it’s been up and running since yesterday…………