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The Witcher Series Has Some Ridiculous Stats

Last week it was announced that The Witcher series has now topped 50 million units sold around the world. Of the 50 million units sold, we’re counting all three main games, The Witcher, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, plus expansions. I don’t know if this number also includes sales of games like Thronebreaker, but since we’re talking about the entire series, I think we can assume it is.

Of the 50 million units sold, 6 million units of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt were sold over the last year, probably spurred on by the launch of the game for Switch, plus the popular Netflix show. That’s the most units the game has sold since it launched in 2015, which was 9 million units.

Let’s get silly with these numbers. 50 million people is roughly the population of Colombia, just behind South Korea. Weirdly it is also the number of people estimated to have been killed by the Influenza epidemic of 1918. I know this might be cutting things a bit too close to home with things as they are in the world, so I’ll add that 50 million people is also at least how many subscribers Disney + has.

6 million is the number of dollars that the 6 Million Dollar Man was worth, if you remember that. It’s also about the number of people in Singapore, and the number of pieces of PPE equipment that a company called Moss is aiming to create.

Finally, 9 million people is the population of Austria, just behind Belarus and Hungary. It’s also the number of bicycles in Beijing according to Katie Melua. Really this is about as ridiculous as it gets, because that’s just a phenomenal amount of transport. However, there are roughly 21 million people in the country, so really only half of them are actually trying to avoid polluting the environment with their transport. Just in case you don’t know the song, we’ve included it below as a way to brighten your day.

Sometimes we like to write about stats that companies have put out there in a ridiculous fashion, because ultimately they’re all just numbers. If you enjoyed this look at The Witcher series’ ridiculous stats, check out more here.

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