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What Would A Full Prey VR Game Look Like?


Recently, online retailer ShopTo listed Prey VR. The game’s art shows that it’s a PSVR game for PlayStation 4 only, and is simply titled Prey VR. No release date, no details, but really we have all we need to go on right here.

Prey released in 2017. It’s the spiritual sequel to the original Prey, a crazy game that saw the protagonist abducted by aliens, using spiritual powers to escape the various gravitationally-challenged rooms. It’s fair to say that Arkane’s Prey was nothing like the original game, but within its own identity it birthed something amazing. The core concept of Prey is that nothing is as it seems. Some of the enemies are able to hide in plain sight as other objects, and more still can mess with your head, controlling humans at will.

After the launch of Prey, and the huge success it saw, we got a VR-specific mode for Typon Hunter, one of the game’s incredible DLCs. It wasn’t fantastic, but it showed just how well VR could work within the universe. There are plenty of VR games out there that have players using objects to traverse the environment, and that is part of the core gameplay of the main game’s campaign.

A purely VR Prey would be incredible, and that’s what I think this Prey VR game is. Bethesda has created, and abandoned, Skyrim and Fallout 4 in VR, even going as far as making a VR version of DOOM 2016. A Prey VR game would be one of the greatest VR experiences out there, and if it was a PSVR exclusive, it would shift units considerably.

In Prey, the world is your enemy. As Iv’e already mentioned, any item in the game could be an alien, and you need to look around the environment in order to figure out how to traverse it, and explore the many hidden nooks and crannies. In VR, the entire experience would be heightened, and all the tension would be notched up along with it.

I can’t emphasise enough just how tense you feel when playing this game. Whenever you get comfortable, you end up being surprised by a whole host of enemies who will almost certainly murder you. Despite the fear and uncertainty, it’s great fun.

I believe that this is a fully fledged Prey VR game, and that it will be revealed sometime soon. Let us know your thoughts on Prey VR in the comments.

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