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Fallout Friday: Fallout 4 Multiplayer

Fallout 4 multiplayer has always been a dream. The Fallout series is built for lonely playthroughs with hundreds of hours, but sometimes you just want to take a friend along for the ride. Well now that seems to be possible, at least in one shape or form. As shown in a recent video by YouTuber JuiceHead, one modder actually has fully functioning multiplayer in Fallout 4 already, and it looks like it works quite well.

While there is a dedicated Fallout 4 multiplayer mod being worked on, as of very recently the Skyrim multiplayer mod, Skyrim Together, also managed to get it working. Skyrim Together moved engines, and became open source in the process, and now it is able to get Fallout 4 multiplayer running. The engines for both games are pretty similar, despite them being years apart in terms of development, so the multiplayer source code does work in a way with Fallout 4. This has actually been a think since November last year, but no one is really using it because it’s not optimised for Fallout 4.

Separate to the Skyrim Together mod, there is actually a Fallout 4 multiplayer mod. This one is better in many ways because it has been built for Fallout 4 specifically. With it you can see other Fallout 4 players speaking to NPCs, changing things in the world, and even entering V.A.T.S. Right now, using the V.A.T.S system pauses time for everyone, but it’s still a fully functioning mod. On top of this, it’s possible for two players to be building in a single location at once, which is kind of the whole point of multiplayer in Fallout 4 right?

This dedicated mod has been built over the course of just four months or so, and it has come such a long way in that time. Check out the YouTube channel dedicated to it here. The modder is trying to build a framework that other modders can use and build upon. In a way, this could end up being a totally new Fallout 4, one that’s based around multiplayer and provides a totally unique experience. Given how active the Fallout 4 modding community is, I wouldn’t be surprised if something really notable came out of this over the next year or so.

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