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Street Fighter II Nears 30th Anniversary with Slot Spinoff Release

Street Fighter II may be nearing its 30th anniversary, yet shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Originally released in the arcades in 1991 before being ported to home consoles from 1992-onwards, Capcom’s slick 2D grappler has been held up by generations of players as one of the most influential games of all time. It’s not only considered one of the greatest sequels to be released, but largely recognised as the best fighting game ever made.

Street Fighter II has spawned many spinoffs, both in video game form and elsewhere, with an LCD title, card game and even two movies being based on the title. Now, some 29 years after its original release, Street Fighter II now has an official slot game.  Available online via a number of NJ Online Casinos, the title has been created under license by leading casino games developer NetEnt.

Street Fighter II: The World Warrior Slot is faithful to the original in terms of graphics, audio, general look and feel and even gameplay. Players can select one of eight classic fighters from the arcade classic, with battles playing out in the background in their retro 2D glory as players spin the reels.

Slot game staples such as multipliers and wilds feature alongside classic SF boss fights (including final boss, M. Bison) and bonus rounds (including, of course, Ryu getting to destroy a car in iconic fashion). Extra features that retro gamers will especially enjoy include the appearance of health bars in an old-school HUD, a Wild Combo gauge and unique, stylised symbols for each character.

The title has a medium-to-high volatility, with an advertised RTP of 96.06% – although different characters have their own attributes that slightly modify this percentage on a case-by-case basis. Street Fighter II features five paylines, a 5×5 grid play area, with a Cluster Pays and Avalance mechanics. The top prize is an eye-watering 7,142 times your initial stake, with each boss level providing a progressive multiplier boost.

With such a synergetic relationship between the two industries, Street Fighter is by no means the first video game-based slot title to be released; it’s not even the first casino title to be based on a Capcom series. Resident Evil-themed slots have been available both on and offline for a number of years, while the company’s slasher franchise Devil May Cry has its own line of pachinko gambling machines in Japan. However, in terms of authenticity, Street Fighter II: The World Warrior Slot may be the most accurate recreation of its original game to date.