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Fable Is Finally Coming Back


There were a lot of big reveals during last week’s Xbox Games Showcase event, and one of the most exciting was definitely the reveal that Fable is coming back. Now, we have barely any details for the game, not even a real name, but I’m super excited to jump back into this world regardless.

Fable is a game series that’s extremely close to my heart. I played the first two games a little, but I really enjoyed the third game more than anything. I don’t quite know why I found what must be the worst game in the series to be the best, but I’d happily go back and play it again today given the opportunity.

A new Fable game opens up an entire world of possibilities. The game can go in any direction, add in any new mechanics, and it would be incredible because it’s a huge return to a beloved world. Each Fable game has seen some sort of advancement of the same timeline, and I think that this new Fable would be very interesting if it took things forward even more. We’ve seen a king fall and rise, now let’s have a look at something a bit more down to Earth, though still incredibly important.

I think that the nature of the Fable series is where this next game should go. I can imagine there being some sort of turmoil out in the world because of the advancement of technology, and the player needs to fight to find a balance before all that is magical is lost from the world. This has always been a theme in the Fable series, but a game that really leans into the idea that humans are trying to kill off magic and make way for their own technology would be very interesting.

I think that there’s also scope to create an ever-evolving game in this new Fable. The games have always been about choices affecting the world, so there should be a system that sees every tiny decision affect something else. There would be millions of possibilities, and it would make for some incredibly strong storytelling. Imagine having to work out which tree to cut down in order to access one particular mission later in the game.

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