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Rockstar Games May Have Broken Red Dead Online’s Horses


The latest update to Red Dead Redemption 2 adds a brand new specialty to Red Dead Online, TheNaturalist. However, there seems to be something else going on that players really aren’t pleased about. Apparently Rockstar Games managed to break horses in Red Dead Online whilst attempting to add in a new way to extend your play time. This wouldn’t be that surprising, given how one line of code can completely change an entire system, but it is pretty surprising to hear that it has happened to Rockstar Games.

Okay, so what’s happening? Well, The Naturalist update has been life for over a week at this point, and players have been taking to Reddit to check if their horses are actually dumber, or if it’s just their horses in particular that are the issue. A quick check on the Red Dead Online subreddit shows that yes, everyone’s horses are dumber.

When I say dumber, I mean that horses that have a very good bond with players are acting as if they’ve never met them before. They’ll jump at the slightest noise, like a snake slithering over a rock pile the next town over, or a gun shot somewhere in the distance. They’ll also just randomly walk off from their owners for no reason, and refuse to respond to the whistle that should see them return immediately.

It would almost be better if every horse was just disappearing, because at least there would be a coherent reason for that. As things stand though, it looks like Rockstar Games has messed up the relationship system between horses and players.

Personally, I’ve always found that my horse runs off and does what it wants, but then I’ve put absolutely no time into the relationship between it and I. All I want to do is run around and trade stuff. The Naturalist update is a big new way to play the game though, and one that a lot of players have been excited for. Without a decent horse to help you navigate the world though, you’re pretty much screwed. I think that what we’re seeing here is an issue caused by people working from home in the pandemic. It’s happened to everyone at some point, so we should cut Rockstar Games some slack. I’m sure they’ll make the horses smarter eventually.

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