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I Loved And Hated Rainbow Six Siege: Mute Protocol

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Rainbow Six Siege: Mute Protocol is long over, and it really was a fantastic event. As far as in-game events go for the game, it was up there with some of the best, including Grand Larceny, but there were some things that really did make it almost intolerable to play at times.

The Good

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First, I have to talk about what was good in the event. The cosmetics were the only ones that I would have paid real world money for, though I did just about manage to resist the urge. I really loved the Mute Protocol aesthetic, the 80s inspired sci-fi look, the new version of the Tower map, and all the costumes. If Ubisoft can create more events that look as good as Mute Protocol, I reckon they’d see a spike in in-game spending.

I also really enjoyed the teleportation mechanic. For Defenders, this saw players able to become nothing but code, hiding inside cameras and waiting for Attackers to pass them by. You could then emerge at that camera, and take down the Attackers you were tracking. For Attackers, it looked slightly different. You had to throw a drone, and would then disappear and become said drone effectively. You could emerge when you’d found a good location. This new movement type was great, but it also led to one of the biggest gripes I had with the game.

The Bad

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Every time a player emerged from a camera or drone, there was a 50% chance that they’d be killed by a member of their own team. This is because Siege is built to make you fear sudden movements, shoot first, and never ask questions. With that said, players did soon adapt to the movement, and seemed to get to grips with the new speed at which everyone appeared. Those team kills stung though.

The elevator shaft was the second huge issue this game mode had, and the core reason it couldn’t stick around for longer. Attackers and Defenders would hone in on this area, shooting up and down in the hopes of taking each other down. I swear that 90 percent of all kills were made in this area. If Ubisoft could rework the map and bring the event back, then I think that it would fit in really well with the rest of the Seige community.

Ultimately Mute Protocol was a nice event, but it was far from perfect. I think we’re all a little glad that it’s finally gone, and we can return to normal a bit. I can’t wait to see what Ubisoft brings to the game for the next event though.

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