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Rare confirms that Battletoads is not coming to the Wii


A couple of weeks ago, Battletoads saw their triumphant return. Rare’s new game, which sees the beloved characters in an all new adventure, has been one of the most-highly anticipated games for Microsoft’s platform ever since it was announced. However, after a fair amount of prodding from one Twitter user in particular, it seems like the Rare community management team hit the end of their tether, and started to lash out.

Ouch! I’m not sure if @tygamer64 has a history with Rare’s community management team, but this burn would suggest that they’re a little sick of these sorts of comments. Things take an even stranger turn further down in the thread.

There’s little evidence to suggest that Battletoads is coming to Switch. After a fair bit of research I can conclude that no one in the Nintendo community has any evidence that this is the case. Reading on further though, you can see what’s going on here.

Then the whole conversation just reaches a whole new level of ridiculous.

Don’t worry though! At least one concrete conclusion has been drawn from the thread.

Bringing things back to a way more relevant point here, if Rare doesn’t respond does that mean that the above statement is true? At the time of writing Rare still hasn’t responded, so maybe @imdibene is onto something here. As for @tygamer64? I think they managed to find true love in this thread. That’s a positive outcome right?

To bring things back to reality a little bit, the actual joke being made here hasn’t escaped me. Battletoads originally released on a Nintendo platform, and for this triumphant return to not even have a chance of coming to the Switch is barmy. I understand that Rare is in bed with Microsoft now though, they’ve got a terrific pirate MMO that sees millions of players log in every day on Xbox and PC. They’re doing extremely well for themselves there. Maybe one day they’ll finally realise that Nintendo fans love them, and come back to what ever console the company is putting out at the time. Until then, Nintendo fans will just need to buy an Xbox.

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