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A New Game Boy Game Is Launching In 2020


I’ve had to check that it’s definitely 2020 a couple of times today. I’m not slowly slipping into madness, though that’s obviously quite possible. Instead, it’s because there’s a new Game Boy game coming out this year. Yes, you read that right, there is a new game for the Game Boy of all consoles launching in 2020. It’s called Where’s My Body? and it looks pretty damn good.

The game features 8-bit graphics, and stars a hand trying to find its body. You need to solve mysteries across two chapters in order to do this, and it all looks quite sinister yet charming at the same time. I’m pretty excited to try the game out, but unfortunately I missed out on the Kickstarter. That campaign ended recently with $28,0000 raised. Once again, I have to emphasise that this was for a Game Boy game of all things. Not to worry though, because there’s still an Indie Go Go page where you can pre-order it.

While all of the Kickstarter bonuses are gone, it is possible to get a limited edition version of the game with its own Game Boy box. This thing comes on a cartridge, and will run on original Game Boys, Game Boy Colors, an even a Game Boy Advance. I’m so surprised by the game that I don’t really know what to think of it. It’s impressive on pretty much every point, but it’s also a game for a console that launched 31 years ago. When you think about how old the console is, and the fact that games aren’t being produced for consoles like the PlayStation 2 anymore, you get an idea how much passion fuelled this thing.

The developer has actually produced four previous Game Boy games. They found that they just weren’t passionate about making PC or smartphone games, but Game Boy games is where they feel like they’re fulfilling their vocation. Obviously a lot of money here is going to be spent on physical rewards. One of them was even a replica Game Boy Color if you can believe it. That doesn’t make the fact that people pledged $28,000 for a Game Boy game in 2020 any less impressive though.

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