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Hitman 3’s England Location Looks Like A Murder Mystery


Hitman 3 really is shaping up to be an incredible game. So far we’ve had confirmation over game modes, and a sneak peak at the game’s VR mode, which will be present across every title in the reboot trilogy. Now we’ve been given a first peek at the location in England that we’ll be able to murder our way though, and I am very much here for it.

This location is in Dartmoor, where a family has come together after the apparent suicide of one of their relatives. The thing is, this was actually a murder. Now Agent 47’s target has hired the most renowned detective on the plant to solve the case, which is where Agent 47 is going to step into the fray.

This mission is going to be extremely different to every other one we’ve seen in Hitman to date. Firstly, Agent 47 will be playing the role of a pivotal character. Usually he slips in and out of a location, and really has to hide who he is in order to reach a target. Now though, the target has actually asked for him, as far as they know. The family will all be up for talking to 47, giving him access to them in some intimate locations, perfect for killing in, and allow players to take part in a murder mystery.

I hope that this mission is indicative of the rest of Hitman 3. Clearly Io Interactive has had an incredible time coming up with unique levels that players will enjoy, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Hitman has always been about open sandbox gameplay. Combining this with murder mysteries and other concepts could make for the best Hitman game we’ve ever seen. Obviously we don’t know everything just yet, but I think that what we’ll start to see up until the game’s launch is a carefully curated set of levels that give players a completely new Hitman experience in at least one way.

Hitman 3 is sadly going to be the finale of this reboot trilogy, but what a trilogy it is. The conclusion is set to be an explosive reveal that brings together every thread that the game has laid out so far. Of course, there’s every chance that Io Interactive will surprise us with a cliffhanger. Come to thing of it, I bet there’s some cliffhanging to be done in Dartmoor too.

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