Somehow There’s Yet Another Version Of Skyrim


Over the weekend you may have caught a flash of a pregnancy test. I’m not talking about your own, no. I’m talking about one with a video monitor that has been modded to the absolute max. I don’t know if it’s the madness of lockdown finally getting to some people, but someone has made Skyrim run on a pregnancy test.

Thanks to a programmer called Foone, we can now play games on a pregnancy test. Well, it’s not entirely possible to play them just yet. What they’ve managed to achieve is video playback of the opening sequence of Skyrim, and DOOM, on this pregnancy test. You could consider this the alpha version of their tinkering, testing out if it’s even possible to get that much on the tiny screen before you go ahead and make it playable.

Is There A Market For This?

I seriously doubt that anyone wants to be able to play games or watch videos on their pregnancy test. Having been through the stresses of waiting for the results in the agonising two minute window myself, I can confirm that there’s no way that you’d be able to maintain any sort of concentration for long enough to play a game.

However, this does open up the market for an entirely new line of discreet games consoles. A pregnancy test is the last thing that anyone would expect you to be playing a game on. Which is why it’s perfect for using to sneak off to the toilets and play DOOM, or another game, for a while. It’s perfect for hiding the evidence as well. If the device was disposable, probably because it only had a single level on it, then it would also be pretty cheap, and well worth having if you’re ever in a situation in which you need a quick game, but don’t want to get caught playing.

A pregnancy test may not be the best, so I think that a calculator would be the next best logical option. If it’s possible to get DOOM playing on a calculator, it’s going to get very hard to concentrate in class. Not to mention the distraction in test situations.

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