The Xbox Series S Is Ridiculously Cheap For A Next-Gen Console

With the official reveal of the Xbox Series S came the device’s price, just $299. That’s $200 less than the Xbox Series X, and probably about the same for the PlayStation 5, even though at the time of writing we have no price for that console. I think that Microsoft offering a much cheaper, and therefore more accessible console is wonderful. It means that so many more people are going to be able to invest in a truly next-gen machine, and play next-gen games, without spending all of their money. However, I am a little worried about the impact of that price on the experience.


The Xbox Series X is being touted as the ultimate gaming machine. While the Series S is cheaper because it lacks that optical drive, it’s also a little less powerful. That doesn’t mean that the games you play will look the same as they do on an Xbox One though. Microsoft has confirmed that the Series S can handle all of the same visuals, but they might not be quite as good as they are on that more powerful console.

This is where things get murky. Microsoft obviously wants to sell as many Xbox Series X consoles as they can. The more expensive device will earn them far more money, and it offers a superior experience. Microsoft isn’t telling us all to buy the Series X for the best experience out there, but they are implying it. I find it a little sneaky, because the Xbox Series S looks great on most levels. It’s a cheaper console that will save the planet in terms of game cases, but the Series X still seems to be the more appealing unit.

Sony is probably going to do something similar with the discless version of the PlayStation 5. I don’t see how having the physical version of the game should offer a better experience. If a console can download a game, then it should be the best version out there.

Microsoft certainly isn’t saying that the Series S is the worst console they’re offering. In fact, they’re pushing it as the budget option to everyone who will listen. I just wonder if we’ll get to using it, and suddently discover that they’ve cut corners in other ways.

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